Untold Secrets

A girl called Louise lives in a perfect family, with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect best friend....but somehow, within the matter of one week her 'perfect' life seams to be a cover up. Her perfect life is covering the real truth of a bad friend, bad boyfriend and a cracking family. The only way to save her perfect life, is to figure out everyone's untold secrets...


1. Perfection

I slurped my breakfast alone. That's not what you expected me to say huh? Well i eat alone every day. Not because my family annoy me, or i want to leave early to avoid them. I just love to get up just as the sun starts to rise for a new day, so i can stare out of my window on my tread mill and think about personal things. Like how its worth getting up early to see such a beautiful sight and how wonderful it would be if my boyfriend Damien could sit with me and watch the sunrise with me. I done my routine throughout our summer holidays and i'm not stopping just because we are going to school.


I finished my cereal as Alex trotted down the stairs his hair a mess and his blue dressing gown on with a tired look on his face. His bare feet slapped the kitchen tiles as he poured a glass of orange juice and put some bread in the toaster. He stared at me, his eyes looking heavy.


"i don't understand how you can get up at half five every morning ever since we have been back at school. I thought doing it in the summer holidays was bad enough!" He slowly moaned rubbing his eyes to try and get them to waken.


"Alex, if you want to borrow money of me to watch your football game with your friends, you better be a nicer little brother to me!" I stood up rubbing his hair. He is only two years younger than me but i pretend he is littler, just to annoy him.


Alex swiped my hand of his head while i giggled to myself shoving him to one side to get more milk. He buttered his toast, shoved it in his mouth and ran upstairs with his glass in one hand and the carton in the other.



     *     *     *



Only being 16, i cant drive yet. My boyfriend Damien drives me to school every morning though, which we both are quite happy with. Damien is one year older than me, but we both enjoy each others company going to school, in between classes and after school. I love sitting next to him in his black jeep, just being able to stare into his dark brown eyes makes me feel warm and safe.His dark brown hair waves down until the lobes of his ears where his smile always reaches. His teeth gleam with whiteness when he smiles. Me and that smile have been together for two and a half years now.


"What?" He smiled as he parked his car


"oh nothing... i know it has been two weeks since the summer holidays ended, but i'm just so happy to see you again" 


"sorry babe, you know when i'm not at school i have to go and visit my dad in London. It's the only free time i get to see him, you know that!" He laughed apologetically taking of his seat belt about to pounce out of the car. I grabbed his arm.


"Damien" I smiled and watched his dimples slowly fading which then i realised i shouldnt say anything more about it.


"It's good to have you back" I smiled letting go of his arm and jumping out of his car walking to the front of the school approaching my best friend Sonya.



    *     *     *



Hugging her we took a walk inside the school as the bell rang to start the day. English. My worst subject. Sitting in our usual seats across the room from each other we texted each other when Miss.Parington turned her back. If i didnt text Sonya in Miss.Parington's class i would never survive! We used to sit next to each other, but got moved as we talked to much. Not even moving us across the other side of the room from each other is going to stop us from communicating!


"Right everyone! I have marked your texts - some having done better than others, but dont worry those who dont pass may resit the test!" Miss. Parington loudly let us know handing out our tests. I was thrilled when she came around with mine. I automatically turned around waiting for Sonya to receive her's. As soon as i watched her receive her test, i immediately texted her.


'AHHH! i got an A+ !!!!!!!!!'


'well done Louise! i got an E needing to reset it, IT SUCKS.'


'dont worry about it! im sure  you will pass your reset!'


'IDC right now...you still up for Saturday night at my house? its going to be wild!'


 I glanced over at Sonya as she texted it, we smiled at each other as i received this text. I faced my lap where my phone was sitting and texted back:


'sure, just make sure there is booze!'


I looked to the back of the classroom as se received her text. Lifting her head, she rolled her eyes mouthing at me 'of course' as if it was the most obvious thing in the world. We both smiled at each other excitedly.


Sonya always throws the best party's. She is really popular for her parties so all of the 'cool' people come along too. I have never been to a bigger party than Sonya's. I don't know how she does it, but i can tell you now i know exactly what she is going to wear to her own party. Her short tight purple dress which shows everything she has got. Well, i think so anyway. I have never been the most dressy person but i do know when it comes to a short dress! She will have her hair natural, long wavy and blonde. It sits perfectly even when she never touches it. We know each other so well we know exactly what each other owns in their wardrobes. Some people find it creepy, but i think its what is known as 'true friends'


I couldn't wait to wear my new dress Damien brought back from London. Every time he is off he gets me a gift, which i find extremally cute. It was red and reached my knees and was strapless. I loved it. Saturday night is going to be great.


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