Untold Secrets

A girl called Louise lives in a perfect family, with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect best friend....but somehow, within the matter of one week her 'perfect' life seams to be a cover up. Her perfect life is covering the real truth of a bad friend, bad boyfriend and a cracking family. The only way to save her perfect life, is to figure out everyone's untold secrets...


3. party time

by the time it reached 10 pm, near enough everyone had arrived at Sonya's party. Every room was fill of people with a beer in one hand and wine in the other and every flat surface was covered in empty wine bottles and empty beer cans. The punch was done by half an hour, so everyone has to make do with the beer and wine. The music was loud and the people were screaming. Just how Sonya throws her parties, and how she likes to throw them. I snaked around sober and drunk people from room to room trying to find Sonya. Eventually when i found her, she was standing on her kitchen table screaming and wobbling nearly about to fall off. She only had one heel on and her hair had puke in it. I decided she had too much and stepped in, knowing i hadn't drunk too much i thought i was sober enough to get her of the table and into her bedroom.


"Sonya, get off there now!" I loudly ordered, only not loud enough. The music got louder and so did the people.


"Louiseeeee!" Sonya slurred, rubbing her hand on my face and then messing up my hair. I tryed to grab it, but she slapped it away and laughed.


"you...don't need to worry...about me....I...am fine...NOW WHO WANTS TO PLAY SPIN THE BOTTLE!" She screamed grabbing a half empty bottle of wine and downing the other half. Everyone in the kitchen roared in agreement, throwing their hands in the air as i rubbed my eyes knowing this was not going to end well.


The bottle was set and ready just outside on her patio with about 20 odd people sat around it. I sat in between Sonya and a guy called Joseph who is one year above me so i don't know him that well to converse with him. He was too drunk to even say a sentence anyway. Sonya stood up taking her other heel of and spun the bottle. I zoned out at this point taking a sip of my beer. Even though i have a best friend who throws the most awesome parties ever, i am not the person to be playing the party games. My stomach churns and flips as i know it always most likely ends in disaster. The last time we played spin the bottle was one month ago at Erich's party, where two people older than me got into a massive argument and fight over a girl. I fidgeted at the remembrance of it starting to fidget, trying to think of the good thing's that have happened to this party so far. Well, to start with no one has broken any of Sonya's or Sonya's parents belongings which is a good thing, even though the night is only just beginning.


"LOUISE!" I heard my name being yelled and everyone cheered. What was happening? I shook my head, remembering i was playing this stupid game. The bottle was pointing directly at me. Oh oh.


"TRUTH OR DARE!" Sonya yelled again swaying from side to side a different bottle of wine in her hands which she has had a good go at drinking.


"Truth!" I yelled throwing my beer in the air. 


"if you were..." Sonya started to ask, before a loud gasp distracted everyone playing. We jumped to our feet shoving to get inside to see what the commotion was all about.


"I cant see i cant see!" Sonya moaned. Rolling her eyes, she jabbed everyone with her now finished wine bottle, making a path which i also followed until we got to the front. 


"ooh!" Everyone yelped as we heard smack. Sonya turned around, sobering up she looked me in the eyes worried about what was happening. Not once has this happened at one of her parties before.


Shoving and pushing our way to the front, I grabbed onto Sonya for stability as i was too shocked. Punch after punch, Damien lay on the ground unable to fight back. His face swollen and bloody, he had no way of defense. My eyes watered as i stormed over to stop the fight.


"ALEX! WHAT ARE YOU DOING! GET OF MY BOYFRIEND!" i screamed, holding his arm before he threw another punch. He turned around and looked me in the eyes.


"what are you doing here and...and...ave you been DRINKING?" i yelled, all eyes on me, i could hear a few whispers but i didn't take notice.


"i was protection you" He slurred wobbling as he held onto my shoulder. I swiped his hand off.


"what has gotten into you?" I asked in disgust, not even wanting a reply. His eyes watered and somehow i felt some sort of desperation from him. I didn't stop to figure it out like i usually do. I was so full with rage i could barely use my psychology lessons from school. All i could do was look at my brother in disgust.


"someone call an ambulance!" I heard someone shout as the music quickly stopped. I lifted Alex onto his feet and walked away not even wanting an explanation.


"Damien?" I whispered, my weakness finally showing. I bit my lip as my tears started to fall. Never have i seen him in so much pain.


"mmmm" Damien moaned in pain, sounding tired.


"stay with me Damien, please dont go to sleep!" my voice wobbled as i whispered this to him. All i could do was hold his hand and wait for the ambulance.



     *     *     *



At the hospital i waited until midnight at Damien's bedside for him to wake up. His head had a bandage on it, he had five small stitches; two on his forehead and three on his right cheek and his left eye was black and swollen. Not knowing how serious his injuries are, i waited with him until the doctor arrived.


"Although you have quite a few hard hits to the head, your brain is completely fine and you just have a few stitches underneath your bandages. Your eye will heal up fine, there has been no damage to your retina. Erm...you wont have any scars on your face but you will on your head. You will be able to leave the hospital in two days." The doctor informed us then smiled.


"Thank you" I was so relieved. I waited until the doctor left the room and immediately felt the need to ask questions.


"Damien...why did my brother hit you?" I asked as calmly as possible.


"I dont know, he's a freaking psychopath!" He yelled, staying still as he was too stiff to move.


"Damien!" I gasped, protectively over my brother. I watched as he rolled his eye, as the other one was too swollen to even open. He took a deep breath and started again.


"I was minding my own business and your brother pounced on me, knocking me of my feet. he didn't give me a chance to get up and punched me. He then let me get back up, we threw a few punches said a few things and the next minute i was of my feet and the paramedics were in my face." Damien quickly answered me, not wanting me to hear something i did hear him say.


"Damien...what were you saying to each other?" I pleaded, wanting the truth.


"there was swearing and he said bad things about me and i said bad things about him, which got him angry. That's all. Now please leave, i can feel my hangover starting and i'm tired." He snapped, rolling onto his side, facing away from me.


I wrapped my arm around his shoulder to say a goodbye hug and left. I need to get back to Sonya's party but there i one place i need to go first. The police station.

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