Untold Secrets

A girl called Louise lives in a perfect family, with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect best friend....but somehow, within the matter of one week her 'perfect' life seams to be a cover up. Her perfect life is covering the real truth of a bad friend, bad boyfriend and a cracking family. The only way to save her perfect life, is to figure out everyone's untold secrets...


7. No parents

"dinner is in the oven take it out at six, hang out the washing once the washing machine is finished and clean the house every once in a while while were gone, ok?" My mum nagged at me treating me like a 20 year old adult while hugging my brother as if he was a 5 year old.


"mum, dont worry. You need your week's worth vacation, you have been stressed all week up to a point where you have had a fag every now and then. GO!" I shouted angrily knowing she knew i was joking as i pushed her and my dad out of the front door.


"love you sweeties!" My mum shouted as i slammed the door behind them.


"free house" I smiled rubbing my hands together, staring at my brothers face.


His eyes were watering, as if he was trying to hold back tears. He has never been good at hiding his true emotion's no matter how lard he tries. When he is sad his eyes water, when he his happy his eyes shine and when he is depressed his eyes look dry and tired. I have been figuring it out for ages and he doesn't know i know all about how he works.


"Alex, what's up?" I sympathetically asked, not wanting to ask questions straight away.


"Nothing, i don't want to talk about it" He snapped at me running up to him room slamming the door behind him. The echo ran all around the empty house leaving me 


"Alex!" I chased him up the stairs worried about his mental health.


If him being gay is true, how long he has been hiding this secret? Has it been pressuring him to do things he wouldn't normally do? Like, drinking?


"Alex, please, i know all about what happened at the party and why it happened, i just want to hear it coming from you" I stood outside his door waiting for an approval to come in. The door opened slowly and his saddened face popped out.


"You know? About what?" He looked confused but still fragile.


"i know you telling me Damien was cheating on me was a cover up for the real reason, but i dont understand why" I walked in his room and sat on his chair, before he shoved me to the ground knocking the chair over at the same time. He closed his laptop and held it tightly in his arms as i lay on the floor.


"Alex, please, this situation is hurting me more than it's hurting you!" I begged rubbing head which i hit of his bedside cabinet. I looked at my hand. Blood.


"Lou! im so sorry, please, i never ment it, it's just..." Alex threw his laptop on the floor and hugged me. I could tell he was sorry, but i just couldn't find the effort to give him the love back at this moment in time.


"Alex, get of me" I slowly pushed him of me, not even wanting to look him in the eyes as i stumbled out of the room feeling faint grabbing onto every object i could find.


"Alex get me an ice pack from the freezer, im of to lie down" I ordered going back downstairs to lie on the couch.


An hour later i had gotten better, my head stopped bleeding and i didn't fee as faint. 


"Alex, please, just tell me the truth, what happened at the party? You don't know how frustrating this is for me" I begged. I felt like i could cry, but didn't because i like showing him i am strong.


"what do you want to know?" He asked with his eyes closed ashamed of what he has done, i know i won't be able to tell if he is lying or telling the truth now.


"well, for a start, did Damien really cheat on me?"


"yes" He quickly answered, awaiting for the next question still with his eyes closed.


"why were you at the party?" 


"my friends took me"


"why?" I started to catch on about how fast he was wanting me to answer and ask the questions.


"i couldn't say no" 


"everyone has a right to say no, why can't you say no?"


"i can't say no to anything my friends ask me to do"


"Alex, tell me, why can't you say no!"


"They know! They seen me down the street and they seen and now they know! They use it as blackmail!"  i watched as he bit his lip and a tear ran down his face.


"WHAT DO THEY KNOW?!" i shouted sitting up desperate to know as i was worried, not just for his secret but for the way he is being treated.


"They know about him, the boy i hang out with!"


"what's so differrent about the boy you hang out with?!"


"HE'S GAY!" 


"how does that effect you?!"


"IM GAY TOO!" He sprinted of to his room crying more than i have ever heard him cry before.


A shiver ran up my back and i suddenly felt cold. I stared into the ground, stunned at what happened. I felt disgusted in myself, pressuring him into telling me because he feel's bad for hurting my head. I had blackmailed my own brother without even realizing it. I needed to go speak to him. I will leave it for tomorrow, let him calm down first.

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