Untold Secrets

A girl called Louise lives in a perfect family, with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect best friend....but somehow, within the matter of one week her 'perfect' life seams to be a cover up. Her perfect life is covering the real truth of a bad friend, bad boyfriend and a cracking family. The only way to save her perfect life, is to figure out everyone's untold secrets...


6. Mondays Questions

"Rory!" i yelled, rushing over to him to ask him a few questions before the bell went for school to start. Rory turned around, his face dropped as i stood in front of him.


"Why did you bring my brother to the party on Saturday night! I know your his friend and everything...but going to a party with drink at your ages is just...ridiculous!" I yelled in his face, knowing he was to blame.


"What are you talking about? I was at my house with all of our friends, Alex said he couldn't make it because he was being babysat by you! Yeah i gave the guys a few drinks...but we didn't go to a party! and wow, your underage yourself!" He yelled back trying to put the blame on me. I rolled my eyes, grabbed his wrist and dragged his around the corner of the school so no teachers could hear our conversation.


"hey...!" Rory yelped rubbing his wrist as i let go of it.


"right, lets get one hing straight. ONE, dont yell that im underage drinking again TWO, just because you supply drinks to your friends does not mean its ok and THREE where was Alex really? because i certainly was NOT with him! I would never take him to a party at his age!" I threatened in his face to show him im the one who is asking the questions and not him.


"ok...ok...jeez...well, all im saying is Alex wasn't with us on Saturday...he must have been with other friends" He whispered, feeling sympathetic for himself. The bell rang as he finished speaking. He tried to walk around me but i jumped in his way.


"he has more friends than you and your crew?" I asked surprisingly.


"not that i know of anyway" He walked around me leaving me dazed, questions spinning around my head about Alex and Saturday night.



     *     *     *



I have gotten through my English and Biology lessons, now its lunchtime. The part of the day i knew i could ask more questions about Saturday night. This time, my questions are getting fired at Damien. I couldn't ignore what Alex said, its been on my mind a lot really. Would Damien really cheat on me and still manage to lie to my face?


"Hey Lou!" Damien yelled as his friends started to walk away and out of the cafeteria.


"Dont 'Lou' me!" I threatened, looking him straight in his eyes giving him my 'evil eyes'. He may be twice the height as me but i am never scared of anyone.


"Whats wrong?" Damien fussed, wrapping his arms around my shoulders before i shoved him of.


"Damien, i know"


"Know what?" he looked terrified and confused.


"you cheated, with another girl! How could you!" I yelled at him tears running down my face i tried to hold back.


"What...?" He has never been good at lying. Even though i knew the truth, it didn't stop me from demanding more answers.


"why would you cheat? am i not good enough for you?!" I yelled, attraction a lot of attention to us. I knew a lot of the nosy people in the room would be ease dropping in on our argument, just waiting for a bit of gossip to spread.


"You are the best thing that has ever happened to me! Why the hell would i cheat? and what made you come up with this nonsense?" 


"My brother seen it all, that's why you were put in the hospital overnight! I never approve of violence, but if its the only way to find out that my boyfriend was cheating on me, then so be it!" I gave him the biggest dirty look i have ever given anyone and i walked away, feeling a lot better about myself on the outside but on the inside i felt sick with hurt.


"Louise! I need to speak to you, but it can't be said in front of all these people! It's too embarrassing for you and your brother!" He grabbed my shoulder turning my body facing him. I looked into his eyes, i could tell he was desperate and he was not lying. I was so confused.


"Follow me then, i know a place no one goes a lot" I grunted, nodding my head to tell him to follow me.



     *     *     *



We walked until we got outside and walked to the back of the field where all the trees were.


"Speak to me" I crossed my arms and legs taking a seat on the ground, gettnig comfortable expecting Damien to be telling a long story. Damien sat right in front of me, our knees touching.


"well, you know how you can always tell when im lying? because i always twitch my nose uncontrollably? well look at my nose while im saying this Lou, because i promise i would never lie to you. I never cheated." Damien's eyes were watering. How pathetic.


"Damien, you must have some sort of control over it now because i know..."


"your brother is gay Lou" Damien bit his lip leaning forward to show me his nose was not twitching in any way.


I didn't want to believe him, but he was right, his nose never twitched. Could he be telling the truth? 

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