Untold Secrets

A girl called Louise lives in a perfect family, with the perfect boyfriend and the perfect best friend....but somehow, within the matter of one week her 'perfect' life seams to be a cover up. Her perfect life is covering the real truth of a bad friend, bad boyfriend and a cracking family. The only way to save her perfect life, is to figure out everyone's untold secrets...


5. Hangover

I woke up under messed up covers and a rattling noise in my ear. I sat up in my bed. I felt like i had banged it against a concrete wall several times. I may not have drunk as much as i normally do, but it really hit me this time. My eyes squinted adjusting to the light of my room, staring at someone standing at the other side of my room raking through my jewelry box.


"D...Dad? what are you doing?"  I croaked then coughed, trying to cover up my hangover as my parents don't know i drink which is why i only drink at Sonya's and i always sleep over there when i do.


"oh...your awake...good morning pet...i was just putting back the necklace your mother borrowed last night when we went out...well, that was before the police called and we went to the station" He stuttered and was quickly talking. I raised my eyebrows at him, he wasn't with her last night at the police station.


"I was at the police station just before mum arrived...you said you were with her?" I sat up more aware of what he was saying, feeling hurt knowing he was lying to me.


"I...well...oh yes, i was in the car, i was phoning the pizza place, canceling our pizza order we said we would pick up" apart from his stuttering he said it calmly, but yet i didn't find it a believable story.  He was quick with his reply, so i didn't make anything more of it.


I wait until he left the room and then got ready for the day. I wore my tracksuit bottoms and my large hoodie then lifelessly dragged my feet downstairs to the kitchen. I poured myself a large mug of coffee and put a slice of bread in the toaster as Alex walked into the kitchen.


"Morning" I happily covered my hangover, watching him take the bottle of fresh orange out of the fridge and downing the rest of it.


"Hey...you making coffee? Make me one" He croaked looking ashamed as he sat down with his head in his hands.


"Only if you tell me what last night was about...the sober you please" I joked, quickly realizing he was not in the mood for joking. 


"I was protecting you" Alex stood up as the kettle boiled "I will make it"


"wow, no, what were you protecting me from?" I stopped him in his tracks, staring him right in the eyes.


"him..." he muttered angrily, his eyes lit up and his lips tightened as if he was ready to throw another punch.


"stop dragging this Alex! Tell me or i will get Damien to!"


"He wouldn't, he would only lie again..."


"Alex please, its only hurting me more knowing you are not telling me the truth!" I could feel my eyes watering knowing that it was something bad, but i need to know.


"He was with another girl, they kissed and i flipped him and started punching him. It wound me up knowing he was cheating on you and you done nothing wrong...you don't deserve to get hurt after what you have been through..." His voice started to break, i stopped him before he broke down completely. I hugged him, upset knowing he was involved because he was protecting me. I could still faintly smell alcohol of him.


"Why were you even there? and...why were you drinking?" I sternly asked holding his shoulders arms length away from me.


"I went there with a friend, he told me it was a popular party. I started drinking because i thought why not since everyone else is, and i didn't know you were there neither. I thought i could get away with it." Alex sympathetically admitted.


"hmm..." I was still not convinced he done it because everyone else was doing it. It's not like him to do something like that. He better not turn up to the party Sonya is throwing again this Saturday, or I will be asking questions he wont like!

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