My Secrect Love Niall Horan

19 year old Jenna Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson yes from one direction. okay so Jenna is going on tour with Louis and the band for a year and while on tour Jenna and Niall fall in love and do some things that Louis may not approve of if he found out. Jenna and Niall have to hide there love for each other resulting in secret makeout session etc....


2. The flight

             I boarded the plane and I had to sit next to this totally hot guy. "Hey my name is john whats yours?" he asked after I sat down "Jenna .. Jenna Tomlinson" I say confidently. Afetr about two minutes his face started to light up and I thought to myself wow he is gunna hit on me because my brothers in a band but the tottal oppposite happend he turned to me and said "I have the biggest crush on your brother I'm sorry if you find that weird or are offended" "no no im not offended I actuall find it cool because they have wanted more guy directioners in the fanbase" I reply. We talked for about half the flight and then I fell asleep

       2 hours later....

           My phone buzzed. I had gotten two text messages one from Louis and one from Niall.

  **can't wait to see you sis enjoy the flight XX Louis :)** The other read **Jenna hope you enjoy the flight been a long time since I last saw you this tour is gunna be amazing with you along XX Niall:)** I smiled at both text Nialls text more than Louis because I have always had a big crush on Niall but was too afraid to say anything.

            The plane landed and let me tell you I was buzzing with excitment. I exited the plane to find Niall waiting for me. 'thats wierd usually Louis picks me up' I thought to myself. I walked over to Niall and he had given me a hug and it lasted longer than I had thought "its great to see you Jenna!" Niall yelled due to the fact that there were screaming fans everywhere. Whel in the car Niall and I talked. It got silent for about two minutes and then Niall asked "so do you have a boyfriend ?" I smiled and said "No what about you?" " thats good and no I dont have a girlfriend" he had relpied and I was glad he didnt have a girlfriend so that maybe something could happen between us "what do mean when you say good ?" I asked with a curious smile "oh nothing" he said withe a devious smile on his face


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