My Secrect Love Niall Horan

19 year old Jenna Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson yes from one direction. okay so Jenna is going on tour with Louis and the band for a year and while on tour Jenna and Niall fall in love and do some things that Louis may not approve of if he found out. Jenna and Niall have to hide there love for each other resulting in secret makeout session etc....


1. Packing

       JENNAS P.O.V

                     "When I see you on the streets in his arms I get weak" 

           I woke up to my brothers solo in the song More Than this. Now I know what your thinking her brother is in One Direction, and yes my brother is in One Direction. Oh by the way my name is Jenna Tomlinson I'm 19 years old and today is a very special day because I am packing to go on a year round world tour with my brother. "JENNA!!!" my mother yells up the stairs to make sure im awake. "Be down in a minute!" I yell not as loud as her but enough so my mother can hear it. 10 Minutes Later.....


                 "Be sure your packed before noon, your flight leave at 5 so we need to leave by 1 if we are going to get you to the airport on time because there is alot of traffic today and not to mention the amount of fans that will be there to ask you about louis" my mother lectured and i blocked out everything after be pack by noon. "yes mom I just have to pack a few more things and I will be done"

            Around noon I finished up packing and I sat down and ate lunch. After lunch my mother and I headed to the airport. "Wow there are so many people here" Isaid as we entered the airport parking lot "well you know how people are when they hear about one direction and their families they feel the need to be in the same place at the same time they are" my mother mumbled





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