My Secrect Love Niall Horan

19 year old Jenna Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson yes from one direction. okay so Jenna is going on tour with Louis and the band for a year and while on tour Jenna and Niall fall in love and do some things that Louis may not approve of if he found out. Jenna and Niall have to hide there love for each other resulting in secret makeout session etc....


14. Life changing News **Message from author**


         It has been about a week since the party and Niall and I are closer than we have ever been. My brother doesn't seem to mind Niall and I sharing rooms but I don't think he has gotten used to the fact that his little sister is having sex but I think he will get over it in time, Zayn, Liam and Harry find it funny when Niall and I are getting "intamate" to walk in and sit on the floor to embarrase us and it makes it worse that we cant lock the door cuz they have an extra key in case of emergancy. Lately I haven't been feeling well so I asked Niall if he could bring me to the doctors when we get to Manchester. "Niall when we get to Manchester I dont want you to be late for a concert or interview because you are taking me to the doctors, so I could just drive myself if you want?" I asked "No i'll take you we have two weeks off when we get to Manchester becasue we have been nonstop working for the past month so managment gave us two weeks off to do whatever we wanted to and I want to take you to the doctors to see whats wrong with you" He explained but he could have just told me he had two weeks off and would take me.


      Lately Jenna hasn't been feeling well and it is worrying me so I am taking her to the doctors when we arrive in Manchester tomorrow. I get the feeling she might be really sick. I went down to talk to Louis about it maybe he knew what was wrong after all Jenna was his sister. "hey Lou do know why Jenna has been so sick lately ?" I had asked him with concern clear in my voice "No I dont know why she has been sick our family doesnt have any record of getting sick very often" Louis replied "oh"was all I could say "Maybe its all the sex maybe thats whats making her so sick" Louis jokingly said but to be honest we dont have alot of sex and how could sex make someone sick I thought it could just get someone pregnant or give them like herpes or something "haha very funny" I gently punched his arm


         JENNA P.O.V

                Today was the day I was going to the doctors and to say the least I felt horrible "you ready to go babe?" Niall asked wrapping his arms around my waist wich only made me feel more sick so I moved them off "yeah I am but could you not hold me so tight in the stomach area I dont feel very good today thats all?" I asked "Sure baby I just hope you are okay" he  looked me in the eyes I loved it when he did that he kissed my lips softly and we left.

       We got to the doctors and I told Niall to wait in the waiting room because I felt awkward with him in othere while I talked to a doctor about my past medical history and trust me I had alot. Nothing bad just broken bones and what not. "So ms.Tomlinson what seems to be the problem today" the doctor asked looking at me "Well for the past week my tummy has been hurting and I feel like I am going to throw up when I smell food and I love food so thats wierd" I told her "Well Jenna have you gotten you period lately ? " she asked and honestly the last time  I got my period was before I came on tour with the boys "um well no not latley the last time I had it was probably a month or so ago" "well Jenna we are going to need to have you take a pregnancy test okay ?" she told me. A pregnancy test I couldnt be pregnant Niall alway used a condom so I couldnt be pregnant " um I dont think I am pregnant I have been using condoms so I dont think that I can be pregnant" I told the doctor "well Jenna condoms do break have you ever checked to see if a condom has broken during intercorse?" she asked and I winced at the techincal terms for everything "Well no I havent" I felt guilty. 10 minutes later I took the test and was waiting for the results "well Jenna it seems that you are pregnant and I will need to check to see how far along you are" I have never been so terrified in my life I was only 19 and the is no way Niall could be a father at 19 and be in a band at the same time. I let a tear escape my eye and wuickly wipe it so the doctor wouldnt see. she checked to see how far along I was and I was two weeks and I couldnt believe that I was pregnant at this age.

LATER THAT DAY...........

     I walked out of the doctors office and Niall was waiting there He hugged me and I couldnt help but burst into tears. "whats wrong honey ?" He asked concerned "Im prfjdkjlgs" I mumbled so he didnt hear the last part "what I couldnt understand" he asked I looke at him "Im pregnant im so sorry Niall" I said with tears rolling down my cheeks "there is no need to be sorry it is my fault I should have been more carefull with you" he let a single tear fall "Niall how are we going to tell Louis ?" I asked "well we have to tell him we cant keep it from him " " I know but he is going to be so dissapointed in me and he is going to hate you" I told Niall my honest opinion on what Louis would think "Well lets go home and wee will talk about telling him when we are in the car" he said grabbing my hand. we then left the doctors and drove home we talked about tell louis with a cake shaped like a baby adn so we would get the cake tomorrow after it was all decorated. In all honesty I was scared

( ***okay guys well I need an Idea for another fanfic but I need a different love interest and a plot so if you could help me with that oh and I will pick the best suggestion and I will use oyur name in the story so if you have any suggestion please comment below and tell me much love ***)

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