My Secrect Love Niall Horan

19 year old Jenna Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson yes from one direction. okay so Jenna is going on tour with Louis and the band for a year and while on tour Jenna and Niall fall in love and do some things that Louis may not approve of if he found out. Jenna and Niall have to hide there love for each other resulting in secret makeout session etc....


7. Caught

                     JENNA P.O.V

             I was sad that Niall left but in a way I was relieved because I was tired and didnt want to get caught by Harry in the middle of well you know what I mean :) I fell asleep about an hour after Niall left.

I woke up to yelling but it was around 2 am and I thought that it could be Harry and Zayn but I was wrong it was Louis having a fight with himself in his sleep so I woke up and went to his room to calm him down. "Louis you need to go back to sleep everything will be okay sisters honor" I said in my most innocent voice "No you dont understand he was trying to hurt my little sister I need to help her" he said calming down with every word he said. "Louis Im right here you dont need to worry" i told him and he fell right back to sleep and i thought about going to my room but instead I went into Niall room. I ran and I jumps ontop of him and he was startled but didnt yell. "what are you doing here it is 2 am " he said sleepily

"Im here to finish what we started you dont think you are off the hook do you Mr.Niall Horan?" "well I didnt think we would be finishing at 2 am but I like the sound of it actually alot" he snickerd we kissed for about 10 minuted before I took his shirt of and he returned the favor. he slipped off my pj shorts never once breaking the kiss I fumbled with his boxers I could feel him getting annoyed that I was just playing with the hem of his boxers so he finally said "JUST TAKE THEM OFF ALREADY!" I did as I was told. He kissed me on my jawline going down kissing my tummy. Before he did anything else in that area I filpped him over so that I was ontop of him "are we playing hard to get Ms.Tomilinson " he said "mm wouldnt you like to know " I said with my hand exploring his body until they reached a place of pleasure for Mr.Horan. he moaned slightly as I took it in my hand. He flipped my over and I reminded him that this was my first time and to be gentle because I might break. " I'll go slow I promise if it hurts just tell me " he told me.  he enter and I was overwelmed with the pain but it soon subsided and pleasure filled my body. "I nedd you to go faster" i told him he thrusted harder than I ever thought possible and I let out a load moan I couldnt help it and suddenly I let out and even louder moan " you have to be qui-" he was cut of by someone at the door "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING WITH MY LITTLE SISTER" It as Louis and I was scared. scared of what was going to happen to Niall and me

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