My Secrect Love Niall Horan

19 year old Jenna Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson yes from one direction. okay so Jenna is going on tour with Louis and the band for a year and while on tour Jenna and Niall fall in love and do some things that Louis may not approve of if he found out. Jenna and Niall have to hide there love for each other resulting in secret makeout session etc....


5. Bed


        She went to bed but she looked at me with a smile that looked kinda devious to say the truth. After about 20 miutes after Jenna went to bed my phone buzzed ** I want you .... So tell the boys your going to bed and then come in my room kk? Jenna:)** she wanted me what did that mean like she wanted to do IT?. I didnt care I did what I was told and I told the boys I was going to bed and that I would see them in the morning.

           JENNA P.O.V

             After about 20 minutes I got lonley so I texted Niall ** I want you ..... So tell the boys your going to bed and then come in my room kk? Jenna:)** about 10 minutes later Niall was knocking at my door and I told him to come in. "I thought you would come up" I giged trying to be quiet so no one would hear that Niall was in my bedroom. "why wouldn't I come see my beautiful girlfriend who was aparently lonley" He said smiling *CRASH BANG*  "Niall you have to hide Louis is coming" I said in panick mode. Niall hid in my closet god I loved that boy he way so original Not. " Jenna ? are you awake? " Louis wispered as he walked in my room "I am now that you fell into my door" I smiled "Oh sorry I was just wondering if you have seen Niall at all? he said he was going to bed but he isnt in his room " Louis asked me in a supspicious tone "no I havent seen him at all been sleeping" I lied "hey Niall texted me and said he went for a walk and told us not to wait for him" Harry winked at me. I cant believe he would lie for us well yeah I can belive it because Niall would do it for him. "well louis im going to go back to bed so if youll excuse me " i said "yeah sorry for waking you love you see you tomorrow" he said walking out

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