My Secrect Love Niall Horan

19 year old Jenna Tomlinson is the sister of Louis Tomlinson yes from one direction. okay so Jenna is going on tour with Louis and the band for a year and while on tour Jenna and Niall fall in love and do some things that Louis may not approve of if he found out. Jenna and Niall have to hide there love for each other resulting in secret makeout session etc....


18. Back on the bus


         We have to go back on the bus to go to the next part of the tour. I think Niall is sad because I am 8 and a half months pregnant and we cant get 'attacked by dogs' anymore. It doesnt really affect me because little Harry will be coming soon and you know what is funny I am due on Harrys birthday but I dont think little Harry with come on the exact day but we will have to see.


 "hey how is little Harry doing ?" Louis asked walking into the living area that we have on the bus "Good I think he might come soon because I am getting really uncomfortably latley" I told him and his eyes got wide "Do you think we should cancell the rest of the tour ?" He asked "No not that soon Louis" I told him it would be silly to cancell the rest of the tour when they only had four shows left "Okay just let me know if you need anything before we go to the venue for the signing today okay?" Louis was so sweet but I just told him that I am going to stay on the bus because it was only a two hour signing. Niall walked in with two big bags for the baby "look at what the fans have sent us today" He chuckled "Wow I didnt know they would do that" I looked at the bags wide eyed " Yeah they think that Little Harry is going to be the cutest baby ever" He said smiling. About an hour passed while we were looking at all the stuff the fans sent us for the baby when I noticed that the boys had to leave "Umm dont you guys have to leave for the signing?" I asked " Oh yeah well did you wanna come?" Harry and Niall both asked at the same Time " No I think that I will just lay on th ecouch and watch sex in the city" I told them Because I knew I would get uncomfortable sitting in a chair for two hours " Okay well if you need anything paul is going to be here too okay " Niall was so sweet he kissed my belly before leaving boy I love him so much

AN HOUR LATER...........


 I really hate to leave her expecially when she could have that baby at any minute. "Its okay mate she will be okay" Louis said and I thanked him for his support. There was alot of fans that asked about her which only made me worry more but I pushed through.


 I got up to get a drink when I felt something wet on my leg oh god my water broke and Niall wasnt here he was across the road in the mall. "PAUL I NEED YOUR HELP!" I yelled as loud as I could "What is it are you okay?" he asked wooried. "No my water just broke I need you to call Niall and tell him to get here now" I told him and i had the urge to push because I was in so much pain


  I was just about to say hello to a fan that looked 2 or 3 when my phone went off. It was from paul so I knew it was about Jenna. "Hello this is Niall" I said "HELLO NIALL I NEED YOU BACK ON THE BUS NOW JENNAS WATER JUST BROKE AND WE NEED YOU!" He was yelling. "Okay Ill be there in a minute "Just hurry" I heard Crying for me in the background. I hung up with Paul and got up and started walking as fast as I could "Mate where are you going?" Harry asked " Jennas water broke and she needs me" I told the boys " I am coming with you " Louis yelled because I was now running not wanting to miss the birth of our child.


 "Is he coming? I cant do this without him" I cried looking at Paul "Yes he is and so is Louis" Paul said. I was glad that my brother was coming because I was scared to do this. "its okay baby i am here" Niall said while running in to hold my hand. "Thank god I am so scared" I said just as Louis walked in. "We dont have enough time to make it to the hospital before the baby comes so we will have to deliever it while paul drives us there" Louis said "Okay well I dont know how to deliver a baby" Niall said in a panicky voice "Louis I need you to call mom and have her guide us through this" I told him. Louis dialled mums number. "We need to move her to a bed and get those sweats off her" Louis said "Okay we will put her in our bed" Niall said picking me up gentally and setting me on my bed while taking off my pants. "Okay this may sound wierd but she needs to spread her legs and start to push" Louis said and I knew he felt awkward because I was his sister "Niall needs to help by telling her when he see the baby and I will count because she has to push 10 seconds then stop" Louis said giving Niall in structions. About Twenty minuted later  the baby was out and we were at the hospital. " Okay which one of these boys helped deliver this baby?" the doctor asked "Niall did and I just gave the instruction my mother gave us" Louis said with a smile on his face "Well you did a great job the baby is healthy and average weight." the doctor told us.

The rest of the boys arrived about an hour after we got into our room. "Wow he is so cute" Liam said Harry just let some tears fall because he was happy his god child was healthy.

We got let out of the hospital 3 hours later and I told niall we should show the baby to everyone at the concert tonight and all the boys agreed. I love my Little baby boy.

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