The summer I will never forget

Ariana is just an average 17 year girl and she has a miserable life,she finds out that one Direction is coming to her hometown! When she finds five boys on her step,what does she do?...


2. Yay!

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Ariana's POV

I got out of the shower and went up the stairs to my room,I closed my door and I read my clock 6:32 wow I was in the shower a long time, I got a pear of my favorite miny shorts that were green and a white t-shirt that had a red heart on it. Perfect. I turned on my radio to see what's on. "Want you back" came on. That was my favorite song. So I started to sing to it while brushing my hair, today my hair was really curly, after the song ended I went to Sophie's room,I knocked on the door, no answer. So I walked in. Her room was so clean and organized I could properly eat of her floor! My room was messy. Things were all over the place. I would not dare eat on my floor. I walked in and there she was sleeping calmly. I walked over we're she was sleeping and taped on her shoulder. " Sophie, Sophie, you should get up cause I we want to get to the beach today we should go in around 2 hours." I said softly. She was NOT a morning person. And if you waked
Her up like screaming, you would properly have a black eye. Sophie was a tall girl, she had blond hair and brown eyes, she was beautiful. She loves One Direction, I on the other hand
not so much, she makes me listen to them all day! So I get pretty annoyed. " No why do I have to get up? It's 6 in the morning and it's the first day of Summer!" she yawned and went back to sleep. Then I had an Idea. " hey Sophie Louis is here!"I said with a smirk on my face. She LOVES Louis in One Direction, all she does is talk about him all day while listening to their music. " WERE REALLY?!?" she practily screamed. " finally your awake and no there is no Louis why would he even be here? I mean he is proberly in New York or somewhere like that." I said making sure I was not to harsh." well I know they are coming to Canada like today! They are going to Montreal then going to a town, they are going to have a contest and all the towns in Quebec will be in the draw!" she grined at me. " well get dressed and I am going to make breakfeast. Okay? Or are you going to go back to sleep and dream about Louis?" I said with a smirk. " haha very funny no I am not now get out so I can get dressed!!!" and she got out of her bed and pushed me out and slammed the door in my face. Okay. " I am going to make pancakes okay?!" I yelled threw her door. " sure I am comming to help you in a few minutes!" she yelled back I walked down the stairs and started making pancakes. I turned on the radio and they were talking about One Direction, I turned it louder and they said they are doing the draws now and... "Naperville has won! One Direction is going to Naperville!" they said over the radio I smiled. I walked up the stairs and knocked on Sophie's door. " yes?" I heard her say. " um well you know the contest? With One Direction? Well our town won!!!" I said waiting for her to scream." OMG!!!! Really?! This is sooooo exciting!!!"she screamed again and opened the door, she hugged me in a bear hug and she was crying! Really this girl is weird sometimes, I mean crying for a boy band! " um. Why are you crying? I mean it's not the end of the world now is it?" I asked laughing at the same time." no! It's because they have the voices of angels!!"

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