The summer I will never forget

Ariana is just an average 17 year girl and she has a miserable life,she finds out that one Direction is coming to her hometown! When she finds five boys on her step,what does she do?...


4. Why?

Ariana's POV

" hey Sophie I got tickets to One Direction!!" I said happily, I knew she was going to be a very happy camper! " what did you just say to me?!" she practically screamed, "! That must of cost a fortune! They were all sold out! Omg are you coming with me?and what should I wear?" she kept asking me questions and I was trying to answer back her questions but she kept asking more and more! " STOP!!!" I yelled, I think I woke up the old lady who lives next door cos I heard her yelling " shut it will you?!" she sounded mad
And that's not good cos last time she came to our house and said next time she will call the cops. Crazy old lady. She finally stoped talking and was waiting for me to talk. So I spoke " listen to me 1) I can't come with you 2) stop talking and get dressed 3) I need to go make breakfast!" I felt bad that I can't go with her but I have a reason and she can go with another friend, " but why?! You bought them! You have to come with me! Please?" she gave me puppy dog eyes, " sorry I can't Sophie! I need to go to a meeting and maybe I can go to Hollywood Arts in America! This is my chance to let me sing my heart out to the world! It's where talented people go! And I think you can come to! I will ask I mean your voice is amaZayn!" I smiled I will ask him if she can come with me, I can't go without her, she is my BFF and always will, if he says no then I am not going!( he is princable)" seriously! You will ask?! Omg! Thank you sooo much! You are doing so much for me! I love you!" and she gave a bear hug, " but who am I going with to the concert?" she gave me a look like give me a name. " uh, I don't know, uh oh I know Audrey! I bet she would love to go to the concert with you!" i am so smart sometimes. " yes! I will bring her! But still I want to go with you! Well I still I really want to go to that school to! So I will let you go then but if you had something else I would drag you to the concert!" I giggled. " I am going downstairs to make breakfast and you get dress! First place I want to go is the beach!" I walked out of her room and headed downstairs, I turned on the radio and the song WMYB came on I just left it and started making pancakes, as I was making them I was in deep thoughts about my dream I had last night, should I tell Sophie? Or no no I don't think I will, but that will be keeping a secret and I tell her everything! As I was thinking I slipped on water that was laying on the floor, " OUCH! FRUITS! OUH,SOPHIE COME HERE AND HELP ME!"I hit my head on the table and I had a huge red spot on my leg and of course I was bleeding! Great way to start the day! Sophie ran down the stairs and ran into the kitchen helped me up and place me on a chair, " are you okay?! Do you need to go to the hospital?! OMG your bleeding girl!" I felt pain ony leg I groaned, everything is going to be fine I told myself, " okay Sophie I am fine! I can get up! The only thing is can you help me please make breakfast!?" I gave her puppy dog eyes, she can't stand it when I give that look " fine!" I got up and we both started making pancakes. Still my leg hurts but I will be able to go to the beach even if it hurts its not going to stop my first day of summer! After we finished making pancakes we sat down and now was the time to tell her about the dream.

I told her the dream and gave me the look omg poor you! She always understud me. " well today, should we go see your mom? Or yes" I give her a look 'everyday'! " let's start eating" I was trying to get of the subject.


It is true that my mom had cancer, she almost died but she survived, I thank god. I used to sit beside her for hours with a bag of chips, and wait for her to come out of the room, I had no idea what was happening but she is still alive and happy!
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