The summer I will never forget

Ariana is just an average 17 year girl and she has a miserable life,she finds out that one Direction is coming to her hometown! When she finds five boys on her step,what does she do?...


1. The dream

Ariana's PVO

I woke up from a bad dream again. A horrible dream. My mom would die. I sat on my bed with my favorite teddy bear in my arms. It was brown with a a little shirt on it that said " Ariana" with gold letters. I looked on my clock it said 5:21 AM. Well I am never going back to bed so mite as well go get a shower. I thought. I live in my mom's house with my best friend Sophie. She was my best friend since grade two. I got up from my bed and headed downstairs quietly without making to much noise so she would not wake up. I got to the bathroom and closed the door. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. I had dirty blond hair that came up to the middle of my back. I had blue eyes that had a little bit of green to them. I was a short girl. I hate the shape of my body. As I looked in the mirror a tear fell. I started to remember about mom and dad. That horrible day I had to go to the airport to see my dad leave to find a new job. I never saw him again. And my mom, o how I miss her. She has cancer for over two weeks now. I go see her everyday and try to comfort her with my sister Laura. She is 31. She looks the same as me. But with brown eyes, hers are so beautiful. I stoped looking in the mirror and striped to get in the warm shower. Oh how it felt good.
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