The summer I will never forget

Ariana is just an average 17 year girl and she has a miserable life,she finds out that one Direction is coming to her hometown! When she finds five boys on her step,what does she do?...


5. The beach!!

Sophie's POV

we just finished eating and Ariana went upstairs to get changed for the beach, so I sat there waiting at the kitchen table with my IPhone listing to One Direction. I felt bad that Ariana wasn't coming with me, but at least one of my best friends comes! I started to get bored of waiting so I took of my earplugs and put on the tv. Etalk came on. That was the celebrity gossip, so I watched them talking about Talor Swift having a "boyfriend".

Arianas POV

I looked at myself in the mirror one more time. I had a zebra bikiny on, I loved my zebra bikiny! I brushed my hair one more time, I put my favourite sun glasses on, and put a pear of white shorts and a top that showed my stomac. Perfect. I walked down the stairs fiding Sophie on the couch watching tv, I walked in the bathroom and got a towel for the beach and a bag to put it in, I walked out of the bathroom and went to the kitchen, I got some granola bars,two small bags of chips and 2 bottles of ice tea, I knew me and Sophie would be hungry ( me mostly). I walked out of the kitchen and walked in the living room, went to the tv and shut it of, "
Let's hit the road Jack!". Sophie smiled at me, she got up and headed for the door.
I locked the door and headed towards my red mustang, I love my mustang so much! I saved so much money on it! I took my keys out and got in the car, I called my car "Lacey", Sophie finds its weird to name your car, doesn't everybody name their car? I started the engine and we were on the road. I turned on the radio and WMYB came on, I was about to switch it when Sophie slapped me, she started to sing along the song. I smirked. Sophie gave me a weird look, " what are you smirking at?!" she said in a calm voice, " I just think your voice is beautiful! But I have to admit this song does have a catchy beet, and we are here!" I screamed and ran out of the car " HELLO WATER CLAYS BEACH!!!" and I ran down the water.
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