The summer I will never forget

Ariana is just an average 17 year girl and she has a miserable life,she finds out that one Direction is coming to her hometown! When she finds five boys on her step,what does she do?...


3. Boo Bear and Tickets

Louis POV

I woke up with my phone buzzing on my night table. I took it and I had a text from my girlfriend. Ellie. I read the text and it said

Hey Lou Lou!

I miss you already! :(

Keep in touch!

Love Ellie oxox

Well that was nice of her! This is going to be hard not seing her for month. First we
Go to Montreal, then we got to go to that town, then Toronto for two days and Brittish Clomumbia! Then the USA and other places I can't really remember the rest. I texted her back and said

Hey love,

I miss you to!!!! Don't worry I will keep
In touch! We are going Montreal now in Canada!

Your Boo bear
Louis oxox

I pressed sent. I got up from my bed and placed my phone on my table. I looked over where the rest of the guys sleep. No one there. Great I slept in and they did not wake me up! Crap crap crap! I looked at my clock and it said 8:45 AM, we are so post to be rehearsing in 15 minutes! I got up went to the bathroom to get a really quick shower then I got tho the room and got dressed in my favourite shirt ( with stripes), an a pear of shorts that we're blue. Went to the kitchen ate a piece of toast an looked at the clock 8:53! I am going to be late! I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and washed my face, brushedy hair, there! I ran out and yelled for the boys. No answer. Maybe they are there already! I ran out and into the Bell Center. They were onstage practicing! " guys wait for me!" I yelled at the top of my lungs! They stopped singing and I ran the fastest I can to the stage.

Ariana's POV

"you've already told me that before Sophie!" i said I mean there music is okay right? I know girls go gaga over them. But I don't I don't even know what they look like! " and hey Sophie I got tickets for One Direction!!'"
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