Last to Know

Felix Baxter, a singer/song writer, has a great life. A good College, a great house and, above all, a beautiful girlfriend called Andrea. But Andrea hasn't been perfect and kind back. Infact, she's been cheating! After the break-up Felix gets depressed and puts less and less effort into his work. But soon the perfect Marzia, an Italian exchange student, enters his life Felix gets his life back on track... or does he?


1. Knowing

Pictures, memories, disappointments filled me. Digging ever deeper into my heart, until the pain stabbed it. Depression is the only thing that poured out, no blood, for my heart wasn't beating. I sat there, on my bed, hands gripping at my hair, trying to think. How could this of happened, and to me? Why me? No-one deserves the internal pain and knowledge that someone would pretend to love them, and just go and tell someone else they love them. It's in-Human, no real Human could put another creature of intelligence through a state of depression and humiliation. It's degrading.


I couldn't help but picture her in my mind. Her long, chocolate hair that would blow in the wind, and flick out to the sides. Her soft, tanned hands, that I would hold in short cold winter days, and long hot summer days. And her eyes. Oh her eyes. Like emeralds they were, that sparked like fire when she smiled. But the image is ever fading, she left. But didn't tell me, but told everyone else, I was the last to know.


I reached out for the notepad at the side of my bed, and starting scribbling down random words and phrases. I am a musician, I can easily express feelings through music, but depression? It might be easier, but so many people before have written songs of how their heart was smashed against a wall, and how they don't want to live without them. They all go it for one of two reasons: To try and earn them back. Or to tell the world that that person isn't someone to take sympathy on.

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