Everything About You (One Direction Non-famous Fanfic)

When two sisters, Zoey and Chloe, discover that their film directing dad is starting a movie in London they struggle to find a way to fit in in the new foreign country. Just as they begin to hate it there, they meet 5 amazing boys that begin to turn things around for the two. They're life is going great and they actually find themselves enjoying their new home, until a terrible accident occurs that begins to spin one of the girls life out of control.


2. New Home

Chloe's P.O.V.

   We get off the plan and I was still completely distraught over leaving everyone back home, but I couldn't lie, I was kind of excited to be here. The thought of being in a different country intrigued me. I wanted to go sight see, meet people, try snails! I decided on the plane that I was going to make the most of this trip and that is exactly what I plan on doing.

   I walk alongside my sister and we follow my mom and dad through the airport to the car that was waiting to take us to our new, temporary, home. We still weren't talking to our parents, even though we were growing slightly intrigued by the thought of staying here. Maybe if we really milk being mad, we can guilt our dad into buying us a car! Then we wouldn't have to be seen walking around with our parents.

Zoey's P.O.V.

   In the car I catch myself smiling, thinking maybe, this wont be so bad. I tap my foot impatiently waiting to get home, unpack, and go hang out with Chloe. We finally arrive and our home is HUGE. It's much nicer than the one back in America. Me and Chloe smile at each other, jump out, grab our stuff, and prepare for the fight over who gets he best bedroom. I am the first one in and I run upstairs. I open the door to an amazing room and I smile widely, knowing I picked the best room. I set my stuff on my bed and go find Chloe, who is standing in her doorway in complete shock. I smile, thinking that her room is hideous but when I get to her room I see an equally amazing room. Slightly disappointed that I didn't have the best room of the two of us, I make a face and walk back towards my room.

   I am stopped by my parents as my dad begins to talk.

"Did you and your sister make yourselves comfortable?" he asks with a big smile on his face.

I know that he thinks we love this place, which we do, but I decided to torturer him a little while longer. So I keep a straight face and reply.

" I guess it's alright," as I walk through my doorway and shut the door in his face.

"We have dinner pans tonight with  the director of my new movie so don't make any plans!" I hear my dad yell through the doors of mine and my sisters rooms.

We both groan in response. I begin to unpack my things, hanging all my posters and pictures, when I hear a knock on my door. I shout for them to go away but the door opens. I turn to see Chloe Lay on my unmade bed.

"So, I overheard dad on his phone with the director of his movie," she says with a huge smile.

"Yeah, so?" I say back.


I laugh at her excitement, knowing since she has a boyfriend she's trying to set me up with him. I roll my eyes and I start to unpack my clothes.

"So what are you gonna wear? she asks hastily.

I actually feel myself get a little excited and I rummage through my suitcase, knowing the perfect outfit to wear.

The rest of the day we finish unpacking and straightening up our rooms. At 5:30 I begin to to get ready for dinner. I put on my dress and I begin to fix my long wavy hair. I apply a little bit of makeup and at 6:15 I am ready to go.

At 6:30 we leave the house and I, honestly, am feeling really excited.

I truly don't want a boyfriend right now, but I really wanted to meet him.

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