Everything About You (One Direction Non-famous Fanfic)

When two sisters, Zoey and Chloe, discover that their film directing dad is starting a movie in London they struggle to find a way to fit in in the new foreign country. Just as they begin to hate it there, they meet 5 amazing boys that begin to turn things around for the two. They're life is going great and they actually find themselves enjoying their new home, until a terrible accident occurs that begins to spin one of the girls life out of control.


4. Meeting the Boys

Chloe's P.O.V.

   We say our goodbyes to our parents and we make our way to Louis's car in kind of an awkward silence. I try to ease the tension so I begin to run to the car and scream "SHOUTGUN, haha!" I jump in the passengers seat and Louis and my sister climb in laughing at my eagerness. I was determined to lighten the mood.

   "So, who are we meeting up with?" I ask. I couldn't help but be curious. Are they nice, do they like the same things as us, are they guys? And if they are guys, are they better looking than my boyfriend. I am pulled out of my thoughts as Louis begins to tell us about his friends I am soon going to meet. I try to take mental notes about everyone.

   "Well my girlfriend Eleanor is going to be there. I think you two will get along with her really well. Also, there's Harry. He's quite cheeky so you can expect him to flirt with at least one , if not both, of you. Then there's Liam. Even though i'm the oldest out of the five of us, he act like he is. He is the most mature but he is quite a laugh. Then there's Niall. He is really cool.. until you try to take his food. It's always really funny when someone does take his food, but I could never be so brave to do it. And lastly there's Zayn. He is pretty shy at first but when you get to know him I promise you'll love him!"

   I sure hope not.. I just have to keep focused. I mean, by explaining them, they don't sound all that hot but they really do seem to have some awesome personalities. I have to keep Luke in the back of my head and everything will be fine. After I convince myself that we'll all just be good friend I catch myself getting excited. I couldn't wait to actually make friends here. We remained on the road for another 15 minutes and we made small talks and I was beginning to understand Louis's personality. He was constantly cracking jokes and I got along with him real well.

   Zoey's P.O.V.

   On the way to, well, where ever we were going; we laughed and joked around. I laughed at all Louis's jokes, even though I was a little disappointed to hear that he had a girlfriend. I still thought we'd be really good friends, I mean I have only known him for like 3 hours and I feel like i've known him for years!

   The car comes to a stop and Louis sings, in a very high pitched opera voice, "WE"RE HEREEEEE!" We all laugh as we get out of the car.

   "This is Harry's house. We all usually hang out here because his mom doesn't care if we eat all the food.. haha." I wonder how much money she spend on food.. feeding five boys.. jeez. We approach the door and I go to knock but Louis grabs the door knob and walks right in. Chloe and I follow awkwardly and I discretely fix my hair. We follow him through a beautifully decorated living room and down the hallway. I hear fits of laughter as we approach the door. I smile at a particular laugh that stands out over all the rest, it's the cutest thing i've ever heard. Louis opens the door and I scan the room for the boys with the laugh and I spot him. A beautiful blonde haired boy. I shoot my eyes in another direction, not letting him catch me stare.

   Lou's P.O.V

   "LOU! I've missed you!" Harry screams as he leaps in my arms bridesmaids style. I put my mate down and clear my throat to gain everyone's attention.

   "You guys, this is Chloe and Zoey. Their dad works with mine. They just moved here and they're real cool girls! Harry! Hands to yourself!" I knew Harry would take a sudden interest in Chloe. She clearly has taken after her mom and she's exactly his type. She is beautiful, tall, with long blonde hair. He slid his arm from around Chloe, who blushed, looking embarrassed.

   The lads began to introduce themselves. Niall hugged them both and introduced himself. He is always hugging everyone. Liam smiled at the girls and shook their hands. Harry, said a quick hello to Zoey, hugged her, and made his way over to Chloe. Typical. Zayn did a cheeky smile at the girls from across the room and said "VAS HAPPENING?!" The girls smiled and were friendly to the boys. I was excited to introduce them to Eleanor but I was told she had to go and would call me later. I was sad not to see her but I was excited to finally get to hang out with my friends.

   Chloe's P.O.V

   Oh, crap. Crap, crap, crap. They were all gorgeous. I tried to ignore it but I couldn't. Harry sat on the couch next to me and we talked for a little bit. He asked where I was from, what I was doing here, where i'd be going to school, which was also the school all the boys went to. He was sweet and I really enjoyed talking to him but I couldn't help but steel a couple glaces towards the lovely dark headed boy who sat on the back of that couch talking to Zoey and Niall.

    Zoey's P.O.V

    When we were all introduced I went to go talk to Niall and Zayn. I really like Niall and I think Chloe would like Zayn. They both like the same things, but I wasn't going to say anything about it because she looked like she was hitting it off with Harry. But I knew she wasn't putting all of she self out their because of Luke.

The more I talk to Niall the more I like him.

It has only been about an hour since we got here and it starts to get a little awkward, then Niall jumps like two feet into the air and yells "FOOOOOOD!!!!!!" As he lands to run to the kitchen he grabs my hand and pulls me with him.




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