Everything About You (One Direction Non-famous Fanfic)

When two sisters, Zoey and Chloe, discover that their film directing dad is starting a movie in London they struggle to find a way to fit in in the new foreign country. Just as they begin to hate it there, they meet 5 amazing boys that begin to turn things around for the two. They're life is going great and they actually find themselves enjoying their new home, until a terrible accident occurs that begins to spin one of the girls life out of control.


5. Games

     Zoey's P.O.V.

     I can hear everyone laughing down the hall as we get to the kitchen. When he stops pulling me we are both laughing really hard. I sit at the table as he starts to get the ingredients to make ham sandwiches for us. I brake the silence by asking, "Why did you pull me with you to the kitchen?"  He just looks at me for a second and then answers "Because I thought it would be funny." while smiling and I think blushing. I was a little confused to why he was blushing but didn't say anything about it.

we stayed in the kitchen just me and him talking about everything we could think of. We talked about how I wanted to go sight seeing. In my mind I really wanted him to take me so we could spend some more time together. So finally he said, "why don't I take you to see some things, I  know where almost everything is and it would be fun.?" he was smiling real big. I didn't want to seen to excited, so I just said, "Sure that would awesome!"

As we started talking about something else Lou came in the door way with him hands covering his eyes and asked "Is the cost clear?" we laughed at him saying, "Yes." both at the same time.

He uncovered his eyes and sighed in relief, we all laughed again then he asked "what have you guys been doing in here for almost two hour." we both looked at the clock and were shocked that time flew by it was almost 12:30 in the morning. we all went back to the living room Chloe glared and smiled at me for leaving her with four boys by herself. I silently laughed  and asked what we were going to do next. Everyone looked at Lou and then he became quiet and started thinking then smilied and shouted "TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!" we all laughed and everyone agreed.

      Niall's P.O.V.

      When Lou said truth or dare I got a little excited because playing that with them always meant someone kisses someone and I for one wanted to be the one to get dared to kiss Zoey. She is amazing, smart, beautiful, likes to eat, and is super funny. And I think I am starting to fall for her. And getting to kiss her just might tell me if I really am or not.

       Harry's P.O.V.

      I am pretty sure I am falling for Chloe. Her and I have so many things in coman. but I don't think she likes me back like that and that makes me a little mad and sad..

      Lou's P.O.V.

      "I want to start!!!" I yelled as we all started to sit in a circle on the floor. I knew who I wanted to dare but she has to pick dare first. "CHLOE" I said in a crazy voice. she looked kinda mad I picked her first. "Truth or Dare?" I asked in the same voice. she looked at me and smilied knowing I wanted her to pick dare. "Truth" she said while smiling. I groaned and started thinking "Do you have a boyfriend?" she looked at like she didn't want answer, but she did. "Yes, I do his name is Luke."

       Chloe's P.O.V.

       When Lou asked if I had a boyfriend I was thinking if I should tell them or not. I looked at Zoey who was giving me the tell them look so I desided to tell them. "Yes, I do his name is Luke." I said with a smile until I looked at Harry who was looking at his hands and at Zayn who looked a little upset.

I was so confused until Zoey blurted out. "Harry!"  "Truth or DARE" infesizing the word dare. Harry looked at her and said "Dare" smiling. Zoey looked happy saying, "I dare you to go run up and down the street yelling I love bananas named Joey only in your underwear or only in your socks!" we all laughed. Harry stud up and started to get undresses and walked out the door in his underwear and sock.

Zayn stopped him and told him he either had to take off his sock or his underwear. Harry looked at Zayn and then at Zoey. Zoey was nodding and laughing at him. Harry turned around and started taking his underwear off.  Zoey and I looked at each other and everyone started laughing even harder then before.

Harry started running up and yelling "I LOVE BANANAS NAMED JOEY!!!!" after about 6 minutes and people yelling at him from their windows to go home. Zoey told Liam to go get him. After about 2 minutes Harry and Liam came running back out of breath laughing, Harry was super sweaty. He went up to hug Zoey but she jumped behind Niall trying to hid from him.

           Harry's P.O.V.

           Well that was a little embarrassing expecially in front of Chloe who now keeps laughing at me. Now it was my turn to get Zoey back. Right now I don't know what will embarrass her but I am going to guess and make her choose dare.

I smiled and looked at Niall. He looked at me like he knew what I was going to say. "Zoey, Truth or Dare?" I said looking at her. she looked up at me and quickly said "Dare" I looked at her and said "I dare you to kiss Niall for at least 7 minutes......." she looked at me like she could murder me. I smilied "With tongue!"

        Zoey's P.O.V.

        I looked at Chloe who was slightly laughing she knew I had never kissed anyone before that counted as a real kiss. I was nervous. I looked at Niall who looked at Harry kinda mad and kinda happy. I looked back at him as he said "come on any day now!" while laughing.

I turned to Niall as he turned to me. we both started leaning in, when our lips were inches apart Niall closed his eyes so I did to. when our lips finally met I felt butterflies in my belly. Niall put his hand on my hips and pulled me closer to him. one of my hands found its way to his neck and the other to his hair.

Harry reminded us that we had to use tongue so Niall asked for entrence and I granted letting his tongue slip into my mouth our tongues wrestled for the rest of the time. It felt like forever but I didn't want it to stop. when the timer went off we slowly pulled away.

WOW was all I could think after that kiss. I didn't want to look at Harry and see the look on his face when he finds out that was my first kiss and he had succeeded at embarrassing me in front of every one.

        Niall's P.O.V.

       OH MY GOSH!!!!! that kiss was completely amazing. I hope she thought it was as good as I did. I could feel myself blush as everyone stared at us. I looked at Harry who had a look of approval. I heard some ones phone go off. we all looked at our phones and it was Chloe's. She read the text out loud, "from DAD, you and Zoey need to be home in about 30 minutes so I would be on your way now see you soon and tell Zoey she left her phone in the car after dinner." we all laughed and desided that Zayn and Liam would take the girls home. I was a little desipointed  not to be going but I will sure talk to Liam before they leave.

         Liam's P.O.V.

         I got pulled into a bed room right as I was about to leave with Zayn and the girls. I turned around to see Niall had pulled me into the room. I looked at him confused. He looked at me serous and said "I know you just broke up with Danielle but I wanted to tell you that I really like Zoey and that kiss just made me like her a whole lot more." I looked at him "I wasn't going to do anything anyway but I am glad you told me but you didn't have to tell me it is written all over your face." I  said was I walk out of the room and out to the car where they were waiting for me.





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