Everything About You (One Direction Non-famous Fanfic)

When two sisters, Zoey and Chloe, discover that their film directing dad is starting a movie in London they struggle to find a way to fit in in the new foreign country. Just as they begin to hate it there, they meet 5 amazing boys that begin to turn things around for the two. They're life is going great and they actually find themselves enjoying their new home, until a terrible accident occurs that begins to spin one of the girls life out of control.


3. Dinner

Zoey's P.O.V.

   I sit in the car, tapping my foot impatiently, waiting to arrive at the restaurant. I took a little while because my dad isn't the best at driving here. I catch myself wondering what the boy will be like. I hadn't had a serous boyfriend yet and I think finding one here would make the move a little less awful. As I sit there with mixed emotions about the move, dinner, and meeting the boy, I hear someone saying my name.

   "Zoey.. Zoey.. ZOEY. We are here, get out of the car!" Chloe shouts.

   Woah, rude.. I climb out of the car and we follow the hostess leads us to the table. My eyes are automatically drawn to the totally adorable boy sitting at the table next to a well dressed man who was focused on the menu. I was pulled out of my daze as my dad approached the man.

   "Hello Mark," my dad says as he rises and shakes the mans hand.

   "Ah, hello, Dave" he replies. "This is my step son, Louis." Louis smiles up at us and waves.

   "Hello!" He says in the most adorable british accent I have ever heard. I tried to speak but absolutely no words would come out of my mouth so I just stood there, like a bim-bo with my mouth wide open.

   "Hi." Chloe reached across the table and excitedly shook Louis's hand. "You're the first person our age that we've met here! I'm Chloe!" she says. "Oh, and this is my sister, Zoey!" I manage to shyly wave and give a friendly smile. We all introduce ourselves to Mark and sit. The dinner wasn't that bad, surprisingly. Louis's dad was really cool and laid back and it made me wonder how his mom was. Mark had us all rolling as he explain the story of why one of his ears is slightly lower than the other. Apparently, a man with a monkey let him hold it and as he tried to pick him up he attacked him by grabbing his ear and he would not let go. Finally we had all finished eating and we stood up to say our goodbyes. We all made our way to the door; my mom, dad, and Mark, all ahead of my sister, Louis, and I. I was warming up to him and I found myself talking like I had known him for ages.

   "So, I am meeting up with some mates right now and I was wondering if you girls would like to come, you know, meet some more people." Louis says to us. "Yeah, sure!" I reply. We turn to ask our dad who had already heard who says, "Be home by two!" He was never one to have a strict curfew. I began to grow excited. If he looks like that, I wonder what his friends will look like?

   Chloe's P.O.V.

   Louis invited us to hang out with his friends.. I hesitate because I didn't know if it's that great of an idea, remembering my boyfriend Luke back home. I begin to make up an excuse but Zoey tells him yes before I can even speak. I look to my dad, knowing what the answer will be, but still hoping he'll be a little bit more strict. I mean we're in a whole different country that we aren't familiar with! But just my luck, he agrees instantly. I guess it can't hurt to make some friends, but please lord, don't let them be cute.


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