Everything About You (One Direction Non-famous Fanfic)

When two sisters, Zoey and Chloe, discover that their film directing dad is starting a movie in London they struggle to find a way to fit in in the new foreign country. Just as they begin to hate it there, they meet 5 amazing boys that begin to turn things around for the two. They're life is going great and they actually find themselves enjoying their new home, until a terrible accident occurs that begins to spin one of the girls life out of control.


6. Arrive Home

           Chloe's P.O.V.

         We got into the car and Liam wasn't with us, so we had to sit there kind awkward just waiting for him for about 3 minutes. Then he finally came running out of Harry's front door. He saw when he got to the car that I was in the front seat and through a little tantrum that made Zoey and I laugh. When he saw I wasn't going to move he walked to the other side of the car and sat in the back with Zoey.

When we started driving Liam asked, "So, Zoey do you like anyone in the group?" I turned around and looked at her to see what she was going to say. She was surprised at the question but then looked at her hand in her lap blushing. I could so tell that she liked some one it was written all over she face. She looked up at me and I knew her answer even if she didn't. We could read each other like a book since we were so close.

Liam looked at me asking if I knew what she was thinking without words so Zoey couldn't hear. I just nodded. He looked at Zoey and looked kinda happy. He finally got her to say some thing after about 6 minutes.

Zoey almost yelling, "YES!! I like someone in the group. now will you shut up about it!!"

Liam looked at me we were both smiling I could hear Zayn chuckling a he drove. Liam looked back at Zoey saying, "just one more question." he hesitated, "WHOOO!!"

She sigh in annoyance but asked, "Do you guys really want to hear who I like?"

We all looked at each other and Zayn I said something first, "Yes." Liam next, "Yes." then me last, "Yupp." I said popping the P really loud. she looked at all of us then sighed again. Then said, "Fine." Liam and I looked at her, Zayn would have looked to but he is driving. she took a deep breath and said, "Niall, okay are you guys happy now I told you!" she turned and looked out the window even though it was pitch black outside and she couldn't see anything. she turned to us real fast and very seriously said, "AND NOBODY TELLS HIM!!!!!"  we all laughed and started doing our own thing.

Liam looked out the window on his side smiling like he knew something that we didn't. I turned to Zayn and said, "you have been very quiet today. Why is that?" he looked at me for about 2 seconds looking back to the rode and said, " I'm not every god at talking to new people." I could tell by his voice that he was lying but wasn't going to push it.I stated another conversation about a different subject with Zayn while he was driving.

we had been in the car for about 32 minutes and we are almost to our house, so Zoey now had to tell Zayn how to get the rest of the way there. Zoey has every good since of direction unlike me I could get lost in a supermarket.

when we were just a few minutes away from the house I asked Liam for all the guys numbers and would give Zoey them when we got her phone.

        Zoey's P.O.V.

 We got to the house and I was still a little mad at all of them. we all got out of the car Zayn and Lim walked us up to the door even with us protesting saying we could walk to the door without them. I got out my keys and unlocked the door, we gave Zayn and Liam both a hug and then they got into the car and started driving back to Harry's house.

Before I could get my phone Chloe stopped me and said, "Soo, you like Niall?" I looked at her and nodded shyly looking away. she scared me a little when she jumped up and down whisper screaming because our parents were sleeping. "Finally you found someone you like!!, now you just got to find out if you can trust and find the courage to tell him what happened to us three years ago. You still haven't told anyone but our parents and the police, and I have told Luke and Delaney, you haven't been able to get close to anyone since then." she said coming closer to me bringing me into a hug. I was almost crying when I had to think about it again.

We sat there almost crying for about 6 minutes then I pulled away from my sister pulling myself together and I ran to the kitchen knowing that is where dad put my phone I grabbed it off the kitchen table and ran back to the living room grabbing Chloe's phone and running into my room hearing her laugh behind me. We were both trying to forget what she had just brought up. I jumped on my bed and went through Chloe's contacts and put all the boys in and put a <3 next to Niall. Then I heard Chloe at the door giggling at what I was doing. I just blushed and tossed her phone to her. when she caught it I turned to my phone making a group text to all the boys saying, "HEY!! its Zoey!! Liam gave Chloe your numbers and she gave them to me. :D"

I instently got a text back it was from Niall!! I opened it,

Niall<3----"Glad Liam gave them to you guys;)"


Loui!!----"Yay Liam gets big hug when he gets home!!"


Harry----"Awesome Love.:) but I'm still mad about that dare!!:("


Liam!----"Haha yupppp:))"

I was laughing and got up to change my clothes and take off my makeup I wore to dinner.

when I got back I bed I went straight to sleep thinking about Niall and I's kiss in about 2 minutes I guess I was really sleepy.

     Chloe's P.O.V.

I did the same thing Zoey did, texted all the boys and got all my makeup off and changed and went straight to bed thinking about Zayn, Luke, and Harry.

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