You've got that one thing

Natalie never had the best life. She was insecure, her parents are divorced, she never got good grades, And she wasn't the skinniest of the bunch. She gets picked on. She feels so alone, until one special boy steps in and saves her from her unstable life. ( sorry if this fan fic sucks, it's my first one so yah. :D)


5. New day, new school

Fast forward to Monday! :D

I woke to Monday morning. Sunday had gone by slow. I just sat around. I thought about what to wear to school. I had to make a good impression. I put on my green jeans with my flowy floral shirt and a green sweater, to hide my scars. Also i put on my white flats. I brushed out my hair and just put on some mascara. I walked down to stairs into the kitchen, and had some lucky charms. I always picked out the charms and ate them before the cereal, a habit ive had since I was 5. I put the keys in ignition, and drive off to my new school.

I walked into the office, and got my schedule. I walked into my first class, history with Mrs. Brown. I walked in and mrs. Brown introduced me to the class. "Class, this is natalie." I was glanced at by many people, and replied with several tired "Heys" and "Hellos. I sat down in my seat and looked at the person next to me. He looked oddly familiar. Wait...he was the boy from the mall! Apparentally he recognized me too since he was looking at me and smiling. God he was cute. But I never had a chance. I stared into his eyes, and looked at his hair and his dimple. But, hey, I would never have a chance with a guy like that. I was snapped out of my daydream to a hand that was being held out in front of me. "Hi I'm Harry. Harry Styles."
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