You've got that one thing

Natalie never had the best life. She was insecure, her parents are divorced, she never got good grades, And she wasn't the skinniest of the bunch. She gets picked on. She feels so alone, until one special boy steps in and saves her from her unstable life. ( sorry if this fan fic sucks, it's my first one so yah. :D)


6. Hi, I'm Harry :3

~Harry's pov~

She walked into the classroom, and I immediately recognized her. She was the girl from the mall. Excuse me, the pretty girl from the mall. I knew I had to introduce myself to her. I know I wouldn't have a chance with her, and she probably had a boyfriend anyways. Any guy would be lucky to have her. I kept thinking about her, and when she came and sat by me, I couldn't stop staring. 'Come on Harry, you can do this' I thought to myself. So I said to her, "Hi I'm Harry. Harry styles." nice job, Harry, you did it! I held out my hand to her. She looked a bit embarrassed. Probably because she was staring. Hey, I'm a cute guy. She blushed and said, "Oh hi. I'm um, uh, Na-Natalie." she stuttered.

~Natalie's pov~

"Hi I'm Harry. Harry styles" did he just say hi to me? "Oh hi. I'm um, uh," come on Natalie, get your words out! "I'm Natalie" there you go. "Nice name" he said. I blushed. It turns out we are in all the same classes together, lucky me! And we exchanged numbers! Aah! He said he would text me tonight, and I honestly was freaking out. I couldnt wait till the day was over!
Hey guys! I really need feedback! It says I have readers but I only have 1 that gives feedback! Thanks :3
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