You've got that one thing

Natalie never had the best life. She was insecure, her parents are divorced, she never got good grades, And she wasn't the skinniest of the bunch. She gets picked on. She feels so alone, until one special boy steps in and saves her from her unstable life. ( sorry if this fan fic sucks, it's my first one so yah. :D)


2. Good morning!

One direction will not be famous in this fanfic, fyi :)

Nobody's pov

Natalie was a 17 year old with a pretty hard life. She's insecure, her parents are divorced, she gets bullied, and she wasn't the best at getting good grades. Because of her parents sudden divorce, she's pretty much forced to go to a new school. Little did she know, her life was about to change. It only took one boy.

Natalie's pov
I woke up this morning quite late, about ten o' clock. When I did look at the clock, realizing it was so late, I dragged myself out of my bed, and shuffled over to the mirror. I started to inspect myself, seeing how much damage was done. Today, I was looking ok. My blonde hair wasn't so ratted as usual. My gray t-shirt and Nike shorts were a bit wrinkled. But I needed makeup. Badly. So, I reached over to the right of my vanity and grabbed my brush, brushing out the knots in my straight blonde hair, that looks exactly like my moms. She says it runs in the family. I put on some neutral eyeshadow and some light mascara. I changed into my white jeans and my pink v-neck tee from Aeropostale, adding in some white ballet flats with pink bows. As I was putting my shirt on, I once again looked at my scars on my wrists, closely. I traced over them softly. They were filled with pain and regret. I have been bullied all my life, and attempted suicide once. I had stopped cutting last year, not only for me but for my family and everyone worrying about me. My eyes began to water as I started to think of the new school I have to go to on Monday, due to my parents divorce. It was all so sudden. I now live with my mom. I hope I won't get picked on at my new school. I pushed all those thoughts away, and went to the kitchen for breakfast.

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