You've got that one thing

Natalie never had the best life. She was insecure, her parents are divorced, she never got good grades, And she wasn't the skinniest of the bunch. She gets picked on. She feels so alone, until one special boy steps in and saves her from her unstable life. ( sorry if this fan fic sucks, it's my first one so yah. :D)


7. Getting home and talking to Harry :)

I drove home and plopped on my bed. Man, did I have a big day. My phone vibrated. It's was from Harry. It said,"Hi Natalie. It's Harry.:)" I smiled. I texted him back. I said,"Hello Harry. What are you doing?" he said,"Well I was wondering if you wanted to go to Starbucks." Harry wanted to go on a date with me? I said,"Sure i would love to! I live at 2335 cherry wood lane" he said, "ok I'll be there in a few." sure enough, he appeared at my doorstep
In 5 minutes. "Hi Natalie" "Hi Harry" we got into his car And we went to Starbucks. I ordered a java chip mocha frap, and he did too. We talked about everything. And I mean everything. "So, you tried to commit suicide?" I felt myself starting to tear up. "I have te scars to prove it. I was tired of the bullying and the pain. I stopped cutting a year ago." "Oh." he said. Well this is awkward. "I like cats!" he said. Oh Harry. Trying to lighten up the mood. After we stopped talking, he dropped me off at my house and said,"Natalie, will you go out with me?" I screamed,"Yes harry yes!" and I walked into my house and felt like the luckiest girl in the world.
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