It's Gotta Be You

Kate and her best friend Allie move to England to try to become singers. They run into one direction. Thats every girl's dream right? Think again Kate has never liked them but Allie has always been a fan. But what happens when One of the one Direction boys falls in Love with Kate?..


2. The Start

Kate's POV: We gave Simon Cowell a call and let him know we were here in England. He told us to meet him at the recording studio in an hour. We agreed and said we'd be there. All of a sudden Allie started jumping up and down and screaming. " Whats wrong? Are you okay?!" i asked worried. She smiled and said," Yeah, its just its cool to think we're gonna be famous! Which has been our dream since well Forever!" I giggled " I Know it has! I really hope everything works out, i want to prove to everyone, and to myself that we can do this!" " It'll work out you'll see, and guess what! if we become famous.. Maybe we"ll meet One Direction!!" She yelled starting to fan-girl.  " Yeah, whatever." i said shrugging " So we have an hour, want to go tour around London?" Allie asked me. " Yup sounds good.' So we went on the "Big Red Bus" that takes tourists around. Let me tell you the sights were impressive.We saw the Royal Palace, and visited a Museum. " We still have a little time, lets go shopping, only one store though we don't want to be late to the studio" I pointed out. Allie agreed. Wow I'v'e been missing out on a lot the fashion here was incredible, it was..more me. I got a shirt with the UK flag on it, some toms, and some high heels that also had the UK flag on it. We were having a great time. Then i checked the time. "We seriously need to leave now!" I called Simon and told him we needed a ride. He had a driver come pick us up. I Was really nervous I wanted to make it in the music industry so bad. Music is my life, this is what i have always wanted to do i just really need for this to workout if i go back now everyone will laugh and say " i know you couldn't make it." I don't want that, people wish they had the opportunity to chase after their dreams, and here i was i was lucky because now me and Allie have that opportunity to chase after our dream. I looked over at Allie she looked calm like she wasn't nervous at all. " Your not nervous?" I asked her as we got out of the car. " No we will be just fine Kate you'll see!" she reassured me. " How can you be so sure?" " I don't know I just know, besides doubting ourselves wont do any good now will it?" she was always looking at the bright side of things, i admired that. " Okay." I said agreeing. We walked into the studio I took a deep breath and help my head up. " Hello girls!" Simon said. "Hello!" we said back. " So how do you like it here?" " Its great!" we both said cheerfully. " So i have a few songs ready for you girls." We listened to a recording of two. " They're great!" Allie said. " Yeah." " Okay good so then you girls can sing these." he told us. We nodded. Then out of the corner of my eye i saw some people standing off to the side. i glanced over it seemed like a group of five boys. I feel like ive seen them before..Then i took a closer look and saw that it was the famous boy band. One Direction..


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