It's Gotta Be You

Kate and her best friend Allie move to England to try to become singers. They run into one direction. Thats every girl's dream right? Think again Kate has never liked them but Allie has always been a fan. But what happens when One of the one Direction boys falls in Love with Kate?..


3. One Direction.

Kate's POV: My eyes widened in shock. No this couldn't be real! How was it that One Direction is here in the studio with us?! I knew Allie would freak, and i wouldn't want her to notice them. Why? Well because even though i wasn't a big fan of one direction, i didn't want her to embaress me in front of one direction and Simon. But of course she noticed. i hear her shriek, and say, " Oh my gosh!" the boys looked over at us and smiled. Allie looked like she was going to faint. "Calm down!!" I whispered to her. The boys walked over to us. " Hey!" Harry said. Yes i know there names not because im a fan but because of Allie. "H-h-hi Harrryy!" Allie said nervously. He smiled. " Yeah um..Hello." i said awkwardly. He gave me shy smile back. " I'm a big fan!" Allie said. i rolled my eyes. " I can tell!" Niall said. " Yeah, but Kate dosen't really like you guys." She admitted. What! i thought. Why would she even say that! its true that i don't like them but she should not have said that i mean AWKWARD. Harry gave me a sad look. I felt bad, but wow he had amazing green eyes." What no! Its just im not like a HUGE fan i mean i don't really know you guys! not to be rude i just-" Harry laughed and said, " That's Okay. Cant expect everyone to like us." I nodded. " So are guys excited to be recording?!" Liam asked. " YES!," Allie and I said at the same time. " Good, its hard work but loads of fun."  Zayn explained and I smiled. " Alright boys we have to get to work." Simon said. " Oh alright we"ll see you later then?" Louis asked. " yeah sure!" Allie answered. " Erm. Maybe.. we can hang out later? Heres our numbers." Harry said. and wrote down the boy's  numbers into me and Allie's phones. I noticed Harry put a winky face next to his name. I dont know why but that made me smile. " Okay. Thanks." i said looking up at him. WOw he was cute. All of the boys were,actually. What? what was i thinking I didnt even like them. But they were cute..

Allie's POV: I had just met One Direction. I was still trying not to freak out about it! They even gave us there numbers. Thats every directioners dream! I'm not really sure why Kate cared when i told them she didn't like One Direction. I mean she didn't! She seemed really embarrassed and Harry and her kept smiling at each other.Maybe shes becoming a fan! The boys left the studio so we could record. I was really nervous through at first, but i got used to it. After 2 or three hours of recording we finally finished. We were both tired from singing so much. 

Kate's POV: The recording when well, and we were ready to go home. I looked over at Allie she was smiling at her phone. " One Direction." she explained. i nodded. " Hey Harry says to text him." She told me. Harry want me to text him? Harry Styles? He wants me to text him even after i said i wasn't a directioner? huh, weird. I just shrugged and said. " um. Okay."  I took out my phone and texted him 'Hi -Kate. he wrote back ' Hey! how did things go at the studio?:)Xx.' 'Pretty good. It was fun.-Kate. ' Do you want you and your friend..Allie, want to come to dinner later with me and the boys?:)x.' I still didnt like them but i knew allie would want me to go with her. " Yeah sure:P' ' okay we'll pick you up at like 7?:)xx. ' K. thats fine. bye.' 'Bye c u later;)xx' i smiled. " ALLIE!! we're gonna have dinner with the boys!" i yelled. " YES SCOREE!" She yelled. I laughed. She would probobly take like a hundred pictures with the boys. 

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