It's Gotta Be You

Kate and her best friend Allie move to England to try to become singers. They run into one direction. Thats every girl's dream right? Think again Kate has never liked them but Allie has always been a fan. But what happens when One of the one Direction boys falls in Love with Kate?..


4. Not so bad

Kate's POV: I called a few of my American friends to pass the time. They asked me what it was like I said it was amazing. I told them about one direction and meeting them. i dropped the phone to the ground just in time too, cuz they started screaming and fangirling. They said they had to go and the conversation ended. I was about to go skype another friend when I got a text. I didn't recognize that number.. I hit view now. it said: 'Hi Kate. I never liked you. You can lie to your other stupid friends but not to me. NO ONE LIKES YOU! Im glad you left you were so annoying. You don't know one direction you don't even like them!!! so shut up. BYE and stop pretending. im not falling for it im not that dumb Kate.' What was all that about?? who was this person texting me? THEY were stupid if they think what they said bothers me. Why would it? im living my dream right now!! they're still back home doing nothing living a boring life(compared to mine.) while im working at a recording studio, living with my best friend, and having dinner with celeberties! Yeah im not a fan of one direction STILL but that dosent mean i wont be in the future. no i take that back. What i mean is they're not as fake as i thought they were but who knows. I guess I will find out.  I wasted time by writing, and watching tv. Then i looked at the time. I seriously needed to get ready, right now! I ran to my closet and pulled out a dress i had bought. It was a green-blue dress that poofed a little at the bottom. i put some white heels on, braided my hair and did my makeup. I was ready. I walked out and saw that Allie was also ready. she had on a cute white dress, and had curled her hair. I got another text. This time from Harry. ' Hey are you ready?:)' I texted him back' Yeah pick us up whenever.' 'OK;) we'll be there in a few minutes.:)X  " I cant believe this is happening! remember i used to joke around that I'd marry one of them? I was actually serious but u thought it was funny. I KNEW i would meet them someday and you didn't believe me. Well guess what we are here in the UK, about to have dinner with FREAKING ONE DIRECTION!" Allie screamed. I giggled to myself. It was true and i remembered all the fun times. I guess she did prove me wrong. A few minutes latter i heard a knock at the door. "Ill get it!." i ran and opened the door. There stood Harry, once again i got lost in his  green eyes. He looked at me and then gave me that cheeky grin of his. I could take it i was actually fangirling on the inside. I couldn't help it he was perfect. He stared back at me. " You look beautiful Kate." i blushed and said "thank you" Then he looked over at Allie. Remembering she was here to. " You look beautiful too Allie." He said smiling. " I..erm..well i got you flowers..because.. they're..lovely..just like you." He said and blushed. He was so adorable. I smiled and said" Aw. Your so sweet harry!" Niall went up to Kate and i saw he got her flowers. They were talking, Allie obviously flirting with him, but who could blame her! Harry took me by the arm and we went to the car. I sat next to him, so i heard live while we're young is coming out tommorow? I asked him. " Yeah the video is it was loads of fun making that video.!" I smiled. He took his phone out " Lets take pictures." i agreed. We took some really cute pictures, then some really silly ones. Zayn and Louis photo bombed one of them, and i couldn't help but laugh. They were suprisingly easy to talk to. I could joke around with them, we'd only known each other for a short while but it seemed like forever. They seemed more like..regular people. " What are you thinking about?" harry asked me. " huh?" i said i guess i had been frowning and thats why he asked. " Oh, i was just thinking about How easy to talk to u guys are. I mean i dont know how to explain it, i feel like i can joke around with you guys,and your easy to get along with!". I explained. He smiled" Thanks im glad we are!" I still couldnt believe i was here with them. It was crazy! You know what? One direction isnt so bad.. maybe maybe im a fan now...Maybe.

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