It's Gotta Be You

Kate and her best friend Allie move to England to try to become singers. They run into one direction. Thats every girl's dream right? Think again Kate has never liked them but Allie has always been a fan. But what happens when One of the one Direction boys falls in Love with Kate?..


1. Chasing a Dream

Kate's POV:  My best friend Allie and i had moved to England to Pursue our dreams. We were both 18 years old and had just finished high school, now we were on summer vacation. I had fallen asleep on the Plane i guess, and i felt someone poking me. "Jade! Get up now! we're here!." I heard Allie say. I got up and stretched. We got off the plane and my eyes went wide. We were here in the U.K. somewhere we had dreamed about living in for a while now. It was beautiful I looked over at Allie and we both smiled, this would be a great summer. "Ready?" she asked me. I nodded we got our bags at the airport and then. Went to the nearest hotel. We got to our room and i fell onto the bed. I was exhausted. Allie got out her iPod and started playing "Gotta be You " by One Direction. I really didn't like them, and she knew that. They just seemed like Wanna Be's. Allie loved them though she was a total directioner, she had posters, T-shirts bracelets, all with One Direction on them. I got up and said" Don't you have headphones?" "Yeah so?" " So USE THEM!" I said laughing. " I honestly don't get you Kate, how can you not like them? they're PERFECT, and talented." she said. i rolled my eyes and threw a pillow at her. "Hey!" she yelled. I heard my phone buzz so i checked it, it was a message from my mom, i mean MUM as they say it in the UK.  I read it,' Hey Hun have a great time in England i have work so talk to you later. Byee!:)' I sighed. when i had told my Parents i wanted to go to England they had said" Why would you want to do that?" i had told them i loved England and i wanted to pursue my singing dreams with Allie here. My parents had just said " Okayy well your on your own about that, but if you don't get a career there by the end of summer you're coming back. So good luck." I wasn't planning on coming back after summer I would make my dream come true no matter what it took. If they wanted to see me they could come to here. I was determined to stay here and know one could tell me what to do.


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