lily is just a regular 17 year old girl who loves one direction. but one day when going to a signing for 1D she runs in to louis tomlinson. when harry calls dibs on her what will happen when she falls for niall and will they go all the way? will the boys walk away from her when they see the sick crazzy dangoruse life she has? will Niall and her last or wil she fall for some one eles? what will they do if she dies? will Niall be able to keep her even after she meets there hot drummer? Read to see if lilys Hopessly dangoruse life will work out in the end or if every thing go wrong. (A/N)
hey everyone this is my first story and give me feed back pleese luv ya.
- Lily


7. Vodka and kisses


We arived at the party 15 minuets later and we walk in its a mix of colored lights strobe lights. theres a layer of smoke on the floor from smoke machines. It smells of alchohal the speakers are blasting music the song  low by florida comes on and the boys go there seperate ways louis and El hit the dance floor Perrie and zayn go meet up with the rest of Little mix. Niall hits the bar and liam and Danni met up with a small group of people.

"Want to dance?!?!" harry yells over the music

"Sure!" i say i've been told im a good dancer.so i'm not to scared to dance with him. On the dance floor he put his hands on my hips i strarted swaying my hips. he pulled me closer so we were grinding on eachother. About a half an hour later we walk over to the bar.

"what do you want?" harry asked

"I don't know. I've never had alchohal before." i say

"Well then ts time for your first drink. Vodka is good for break ups." he told me then he looked at the bartender. "We'll have four shots of vodka."

"Ok then ill have a shot of vodka then." i say sarcasticly. the bartender puts dow the shots and harry thanks him.

"It kinda burns at first but you get used to it" he says and downs the shot.

"Ok" i say and bring the glass to my lips. I down the glass and i can feel it burning my throught and i put down the glass. Harry looks at me wierd.

"Are you sure you've never had a shot before?" he asked

"Ya I've never had one before i swear," i say.

We talk for a hour downing shots we are both wasted and laughing at nothing.Then I relise his hand is on my thigh rubing circles and im ok with it. I relised it was probuly the alchohal so i quickly stand up. "I'll be right back im guna go to the bathroom,"

"Ok i'll be on the dance floor." he says.

I walk away and i see a door open slightly. I look in to see Niall sitting on the ground with  dirink in his hand and his head against the wall. I walked in to see what was wrong and he just looked at me with a dull sad look.

"Hey," I said

"What are you doing here shouldnt you be grinding on harry or something?" he said coldly.

What the hell is his problem."I was walking by and saw you in here all alone i came to see if you were ok,"

"Well i don't need your help and its none of you buissnes if any thing if wrong so just go away."

"What i was just.."

"I dont care i heard about your boyfried and im sorry you were stupid enough to go out with an ass whole who kept cheating on you but  dont expect pity from me because you are aparently atacted to ass wholes. I just want you to leave me alone so GO AWAY!"

"What the hell. I am sorry if im not good enough or pretty enough for you. But i don't care who the hell you are you can NOT talk to me like that. You don't even know on fucking thing about me. You have no right to talk to any oe like that. I don't want fucking pity I only told harry that story not for pity but becase he asked me. There are reasons i went out with him and only just broke up with him for good. I just wanted to see if you were ok not to see if you would pity me. I honestly hate pity. But if you arnt gunna tell me whats wrong fine! But why do you hate me? You don't know me! So what is so bad about me that you would say something like that to me?" I said because his words hurt.

"Why do i hate you? Realy I hate you because we just met and your fucking perfect. You are every thing i want and need but you have been all over Harry. And who said I hate you I don't hate you i just wish I didn't miss judge you when we first met. I just wanted you to be mine and i dint relise it untill I heard about your boy friend. But i cant have you because you like Harry!" When he said that I was surprised. I didn't know what to say.

"What are you talking about? I never said anything about Harry."

"Oh shut up i saw you grinding on him, and how you look at him,and he had his hand on your thigh all night and you didn't do any thing about it." he said.

With that i walked over next to him and slid down the wall so i was sitting next to him. I took off my heels and rubed my feet because they hurt and looked at him and he looked back. "Ok I know that probubly looked pretty bad but ya I like harry alot but he's not my type. I couldnt go out with him if I wanted. Plus i'm atracted to ass wholes like you said. I'm not one to go for the nice guy," I said looking hime in the eye "And there just so happens to be this complete jerk i like and you might know him."

The next thing I know Niall leans in and presses his lipse to mine. I kiss back ad he bites my bottom lip asking for entrance. I let his tonge in. As our tonges dance I put my fingers in his hair bringing him closer I slightly pull on his hair as his hands find my waist. Before i have time to thing i swing one leg over him so i am stradling him. I keep my finger looked in his hair as our tonges continue to dance and he pulls my hips down so i rub against his crotch. I wrap my legs aroud his waist and grind on him. My grinding earns a moan from him causeing me to moan back. Then he fliped us over never braking the kiss. Things got heated fast and i liked it alot. My legs still wraped around his waist his hand stated roaming my body as i kept grinding. His hands went up my back, then back down they grazed over my bum then back up. He pushed down my hips so I wasn't grinnding on him. His hands continued to roam over my stomach then over my boobs down my sides on my inner thigh he rubed circles like Harry did before. I could feel my self gettingwet it felt so good so i pulled away from the kiss and moaned leaning my head back slightly. Then Niall brought his head to my neck and started givig me love bites every where untill he found my sweet spot. I moaned his name loudly and he moved his hand so it was rubing circles n my cily through my thong. I started buckeling my hips and takeing off his shirt as he sucked o my neck and rubed. with that he started pulling up my dress and I elise what we were doing.

"Wait stop,"I said.

"What?" he asked confused.

"I I I'm sorry but i can't," I stuttered.

"Shhh i under stand its ok realy i dont want to rush you." he said and put on his shirt.

I pulled my dress down and fixed my hair. "I do't normaly do that. or ever do that. its just.."

"Calm down," he said and put his hand o my arm,"I get it. It was just the alchohal," he siad and kissed my cheeck.

What am i gunna do.

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