lily is just a regular 17 year old girl who loves one direction. but one day when going to a signing for 1D she runs in to louis tomlinson. when harry calls dibs on her what will happen when she falls for niall and will they go all the way? will the boys walk away from her when they see the sick crazzy dangoruse life she has? will Niall and her last or wil she fall for some one eles? what will they do if she dies? will Niall be able to keep her even after she meets there hot drummer? Read to see if lilys Hopessly dangoruse life will work out in the end or if every thing go wrong. (A/N)
hey everyone this is my first story and give me feed back pleese luv ya.
- Lily


10. Questions.


When Lily almost left I don' kowwhy but something in me just broke. I did't think that would hurt so bad its just something about her. So I ran and grabed her wrist then asked her not to leave.She just looked at me like she was thinking but I kissed her and it felt so right. She went up stairs to answer he phoe so I followed her up. She went to my room and I waited at the door. When I herd her say Jake I relised that she was talking to her ex and I remembered that shh said they were on and off alot so I thought they were gettig back together. But I herd her say they were done and I relised what I had to do. "Umm..Lily I was wonering if you would go on a date with me?" I asked.

"I would love to." she said with a smile.

"Ok so what do you want to do for our date today?"

"Wait our date is today! I have to go home and change I'm dress like a whore!" she said.

"Ok then we wil go to your house you ca chae then we'll leave." I said grabing her wrist and brining her down stairs.

"Ok then.. and I gusse you'll meet Jake A.J. and Chloe."She said.

"Great I'm sure there lovely." I said and we got in the car.

"Do you need my adress?" she asked.

"Nope I know everything about you the truth is I stock you" I say sarcasticly. "And we kida picked you up yesterday"

"Ok then I should tell you that I stock one direction and your drummer Josh. Just letting you know because I know like every thig about you already." She says and its kinda funny because I know I have a prety good chace with her.

"Ok but and Josh? whats so good about him?" I ask.

"Drumming is a turn on and he also has the abbs and the huge biceps." Fucking Josh he always gets the girl.

"Well then. I gusse I need to hit the gym."

"No He's also got the sick tatoo. But I like you alot I normaly get the ass whole with brow eyes and dark hair with muscles ad they never work. Pluss your eyes are beautiful and your hair is like I can't even with the bleach like I can't even." She said looking at me.

"Ok I got that going for me." I said as we pulled up to her aparrtment. she leaned over and unbuckled  then went toopen the door "WAIT!" I said and got out ran over to the other side and opened the door taking her had. "There we go."

"Thak you" she said kissing my cheek and we ran to the elivator and she hit the 5 button. We got on her floor nd ran in front of the door. But she didn't knock. She  yelled "Open up A.J.!" Then this tall guy who was ripped opened the door he had brown eyes and sandy blonde hair.

"Heyy why do you look like a whore?" He asked

"Thanks." she said pushing him so hard he fell. Then she walked in but steped on his chest. That had to hurt she's wearing heels. But he just rolled over and got up. "Come on Niall!" She said ad I walked in.

"Holy shit w-what your y-y-your Nia-l-l." a short blonde girl with blue eyes studders.

"Ya I'm Niall Horan." I say.

"And the studdering blonde is Chloe Lilys best friend. I'm Jake Lily's boyfriend." Another guy said. He's only an inch taller then me but hes scarry looking. He has the muscles and I have a feeling he wants to hurt me.

"I'm sorry but I'm not retarded your an asswhole." I say lookig at him.

"I like you Niall." said who I gusse is A.J. "I'm A.J. Lilys best guy friend."

"Well you are brave Niall. Lily and I do this all the time you may be famose but Lily and i are ment to be." Jake said gettig in my face.

"Thats cool but I dodn't give a shit we are going on a date not you and her so I'm about to chnge that." I say sitting down next to Chloe.

"Jake sit down and shut up be for I brake your wrist. Again." Lily said. then high fived me. "And you are pretty good at come backs." 

"So what do you meen again?" i asked looking at her.

"I told him not to eat my chocolate." she said and I laughed.

"So she broke my wrist." Jake said.

"NO! I salped you then you tryed to slap me back but I grabed your wrist before you hit me. Then I broke it!" she said.

"So he tryed to hit you." I said.

"I also said not to smoke the weed Ronan gave him but he did that also." She said.

"Ya your definently ment to be."

"Shut up dickrod she may of broke my wrist.." Jake said.

"Snaped it like a toth pick," Lily said.

"Ya watever but I could crush your head in." Jake said.

"Ya I'm sorry about him but if it makes you feel beter I can slap him." she said.

"Nope its ok I like to anoye him." I say

"Every one dose but its alot of fun to slap him." she says then gets up and slap him. She slaped him so hard he fell out of his seat. "See." she says laughing and sitting next to me. Then she leaned her head on my shoulder so I wraped my arm aroud her.

"Whatever." he says getting up ad walking over to the love seat we were on. "You still love me." he says ad kisses Lily. He stuck his tonge in hr mouth. She then bit his tonge and slaped him again. "Ya I desserved that he said and left. Lily then ran to the bathroom.

"AHH I still taste his tonge!" she says grabing a tube of tooth paste and squirtig it in her mouth. then she brushed her teeth for like ten minuets straight.

"Dose this happe alot?" I asked.

"You don't want to know."A.J. says and gets up to grab the mouth wash. he hands it to Lily and she takes like 16 sips off it. Finaly she comes back into there living room.

"Sorry about that. I'm gunna just take a shower and get dressed. make your sel at home." Lily says and walks in the bathroom closing the door.

"Did you use protection?" Chloe asked and I just laughed.

"No I didn't do anything with her yester day."I say.

"Wait so she slept at your house where?" A.J. asked.

"In my bed."I say truthfuly.

"Did you at least get to secod base?I mean she was drunk." A.J. says.

"Dose he do this alot?" I ask Chloe.

"Ya I would just answer him, but to make you feel beter he dose this to every one.Its because she won't go out with him." Chloe tells me.

"Great more compotion. The best part ids she lives with this guy."I say. "And ya wwe got to secod base" I say. 

"Well its not like you guys have a futer. Lilys been saying for months now you guys would be down for only two days." A.J. tells me. "Its ot like your gunna take her on tour."

"I don't know" I say watching spongebob square pants. But then Lily walks out of the bathroom in a white lace bra and a matchig thong into what I asume is her room.

"I saw you checking her out. shes hot right." A.J. says.

"I wouldn't say that I would say shes beautiful." I say.

"But Don't you want to tap that?" He asked.

"Not unless she wants me to," I say looking at the T.V. again.

"OMG thats like oe of the sweetest things anyone has ever said about Lily." Chloe said. "Jake would call her beautiful but he mostly said nausty stuff to her and about her. And when I say nausty I mean he could be an ass whole he could be sweet but he said some graphic shit about her." Chloe said.

"I don't understand why people would say stuff like that about a girl it's terrible." I say. Then Lily walks out In some ripped jeans VANs and a purple softball shirt.

"Ready to go?" she asked.

"Ya lets go." I say and we walk out but on our woy out she grabed a white Northface jaket and a red and white OBEY snap back and put the on before we left. "So what do you want to do?" I asked.

"Lets see a movie then I want to hang with you and everyone else." She says.

"Ok what movie?"

"Monsters INC in 3D!" she said excited.

"Ok lets see it!"  say and we drive to the theter.

*2 hours later*

The movie was over and Lily and I went for a small walk before we went to see every one.

"Thanks for the movie" she says looking up at me. She is short but not to short. Her eyes were a beautful blue. I can't even descirbe them. The only thing is that I;ve always said I don't want a perfect girl or like a modle but she looks like she is one. I always pictured myself with a girl with dark hair green eyes but shes the oposite of everything I thought I wanted.  But this girl is perfect. I don't want to leave her tomorrow. mabey she could come with me.

"Lily you do know I'm leaving tomorow." I say.

"I know. I'm gunna miss you." she said.

"I just want you to know before I go that I really like you. I've never met someone like you before."

She shyly smiled and i could see her cheeks flush slightly. "I like you to."

I put my arm around her shoulders and pulled her close. She looked up at me and smiled. Her hair over her shoulder, and her blue eyes boared into mine. It was like she could tell what i was thinking just by looking at me. But she was complicated and i cant get my head around it. "Good because I am pretty sure Harrys pissed at me so at least I have that going for me."

"Why is Harry mad I don't get it?" She said looking at me confused.

"Well errr so when Louis brought you to owr place ad you went outside Harry said he liked you and asked me what I thought about you," I stoped and looked at her "I said I wasn't intrested but then he thought we well ya know and then I kissed you right in front of him." I leaned down and graed both her hands. Ower forheads toching i looked her in the eyes and our lips were a cenitmeter apart. "But now I know that I was wrong." Her breath hitched and I came closer so our lips were lightly brushing eachothers. Her eyes fluttered shut and just when I was about to kiss her I heard some one yell.

"Hey Niall over here!" I pulled away and saw the paperatzi. They started swarming us.

"Fuck." I mumbled.

"WHOS THE WHORE?" One screamed. they were every where all around we couldn't move.

"Don't listen to them and stay close." I wisper in her ear and pulled her close to me with my arm around her waiste she noded ad wraped her arm around me. Every one started screaming things at Lily or about Lily its discusting the things they say we started pushing thruogh the crowd. Then when we were almost out of the crowd some one grabed Lilys wrist and puled her back. when he pulled her she stumbled backwards a little and was out of my grip. I turned around and saw a guy who was holding both her wrists."Hey whore what are you doing with him?" he asked and stroked her cheek.

"Let go," she said looking him in the eye. The stare she gave him was weird scary almost and her eyes. They normaly are the most amayzing color blue like the ocean but now they were gray like hard ice or the ocean in the middle of a storm.

"Well Niall icked well hot and fiesty a little fat for me though." He said back to her and pulled her closer.

"You have 3 secods to get you filthy hands off of me." and she looked back at him. "1,2," and she paused as if to give him another chance."Well I tryed but now I have to embarace you in public." she said.

"Oh realy how?" he asked mocking her and nibbled at her ear.

"Ugh your discusting." she said and she turned around so her back was to the man and her hands were above headandshe fliped the guy he went over her head and landed on his back on the ground. "Oh and thats how you peice of shit." she said and walked up to me. "You ok ? " she looked at me. I was so shocked by the whole thing. I didn't exspect that.

"Ya I'm fine." I said and grab her hand.

"You look surprised."She said as we started walking to the car. 

"Ya a little when Jake said you broke his arm and when you pushed A.J. over I didn't think much of it." I said looking at her.

"I told you I wasn't so inocent." She said looking away. We reach the car and I open the door for her. She looks at me and takes my hand. Her touch so sweet and soft she looked for just a second she looked sad and pained. She looked at me and I steped closer we were an inch apart. I cup her chi and rub her cheek.

"I don't care it dosn't mater I still think your beautiful." I said looking at her.

"No I'm not you don''t understand Niall." She said.

"Then explane to me so I can understand Lily. I want to know." I say looking at her and restingmy forhead on hers.

"I can't tell you. I wish I could but I can't."

"It dosn't matter ok, but can you do some thing for me?"

"Yes." she mumble and I leaned closer so our lips are brushing.

"Kiss me." I mumble on her lips and she places her soft lips on mine. She wraps her small delicate arms around my waist and I put one hand in her hair and the other on her hip. We stay like that for a few minuets then she pulled away. The corners of her mouth go up in a smile and her eyes lit up.

"Ok pretty boy lets go." She said steping in the car and closing the door. I laughe at her remark ad walk around the car into the drivers seat.

"So I'm pretty boy now?" I ask

"Don't flatter your self Horan." She says and looks at me with a big smile. I laughed and drove to the house.

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