lily is just a regular 17 year old girl who loves one direction. but one day when going to a signing for 1D she runs in to louis tomlinson. when harry calls dibs on her what will happen when she falls for niall and will they go all the way? will the boys walk away from her when they see the sick crazzy dangoruse life she has? will Niall and her last or wil she fall for some one eles? what will they do if she dies? will Niall be able to keep her even after she meets there hot drummer? Read to see if lilys Hopessly dangoruse life will work out in the end or if every thing go wrong. (A/N)
hey everyone this is my first story and give me feed back pleese luv ya.
- Lily


14. planes


I ran on to the plane and the first thing I did was stop in my tracks. My jaw droped. Danm. The inside of the plane was stunning. there was a leather cough on both sodes of the plane and a flat screen tv. there was a door tords the front of the plane that probubly lead to were the captin was. There was a small kiten with an island seperating it from the other rom and it had a sink, oven, stove, and fridge. Then there was a small hallway leading some where else, it was probubly a bathroom or somthing. right in front of the island was Chloes and my suit cases. This was awsome I almost forgot about the kiss with Zack. Sadly I didn't. I walked over to the kiten and opened the cabinits untill I found a cup in one. I filled the cup with water from the sink sink and took a sip of it. I then spit it out ad started wiping my tonge with my hand. Ten Chloe ran in.

"What the hell Lily!" she screamed " What was that?"

"That was terrible." I say and once again sip the water and spit it out into the sink. Just then every one else gets on the plane as I contunue to wipe my toung with my hand. Chloe walks over to me and crosses her arms.

"What happned?" She asked "Did you say yes?!"

"Hell no."

"then why did he kiss you?" Chloe asked confused.

"Because he's an ass whole who gets what he wants and when he dosn't get what he wants he thretens people," I say

"Did he threten you?" She asked

"No I Just said that because I wanted to see your reaction," I say sarcasticly.

"Oh so he didn't threten you"  she said.

"No dumbass I was being sarcastic!" I say.

"I'm sorry somtimes it just gose over my head." She said.

"No shit." I say

"But what did he say." Chloe asked.

"He said-" but I was cut off by four other guys running onto the plane. Holy crap it was Josh, Sandy, Dan, and Jon.

"Sorry guys we got stuck in trafic....danm," Josh said looking at me and Chloe up and down. they all kinda ra  over to us push and shove.  Jon was first.

"Hello I'm Jon" he said giving us both a hug the wispered to us. "Watch out for sandy and Josh." Then walked a way.

"I'm Dan" He said hugging us both.

Next was Sandy. "Hi I'm Sandy. I know what your thinkig and yes I'm single." He said winking at us.

Then josh pushed Sandy away. "I'm josh" He said then took Chloes hand and kissed the top of it then he did the same to me but wispered in my ear. " Your way to beautiful to walk around without my number" then he handed me a peice of paper and walked over to the couch with every one else.

"I"M CHLOE!" chloe screamed on top of her lungs rasing her hand waving it around. Every one started cracking up even Chloe. I took out my phone and put joshes number in.

"And who are you babe?" Sady asked me.

" That depends who you ask." I say.

"Shes my bitch."  Chloe says putng an arm around my shoulder.

"Say that to Zack." I mumble so only she could hear.

"Is that what he said?" She asked.

"I wish." I said "Lets just say that he's gunna hear some shit from me later." I say. "I'm gunna get dresed " I say grabbing my suit case walking into the hallway I ope a dorr and find a small bed room and walk in there. I put on a shirt that was neon yellow and in neon pink it said YOLO. It came right above my belly buton and it was spegetie strap. I put on white shorts that were pretty danm short. I put in my bellybuton ring that was a silver ball and I left my hair down but I straightened it. I put on some mascara, and some white eye shadow. Lastly I had my neon green convers. I look at myself in the mirror and holy shit what was that. Oh ya its just me never mind thhen I walked out and sat next to Perrie. Some one pul ot music and thrift shop came on. Chloe stood up and started screamng it. She pulled my arm so I was standing up and got on my back.

"I'm gunna pop some tags!" she screamed in my ear. I let go of her and she fell on the floor and kept signing. I sat back down and just looked at her. Finaley the song was over and the next came on.

" I need new friends." I say looking at her.

"But you can't replace me I'm special!" Chloe said.

"Thats the word." I said.

"Hey!" Chloe said and walked over to Harry. "Harrys my new best friend!"

The flight attedndent anonced to us "sit down guys we are about to takeoff" she said winking at Niall before leaving. Chloe sat next to Harry who was on his phone.

" I thought on planes you needed to shut off your phone??" Chloe said confused.

" Ya but its a private plane so you don't have to"

"Oh." Chloe said and pulled out her phone. She texxted me.



FROM ANGRY JACK: You have joshes # text him!


TO JOSH: It's kinda distracting wen u stare at me like that ;)

FROM JOSH: Sorry I was err thinking...

TO JOSH: About what?

I looked up and saw that he was blushing. he typed something in his phone and looked at me.

FROM JOSH: how lucky your boyfriend is

I bit my lip and looked over at him he was staring at me again I looked over to chloe who was talking to Harry.

TO JOSH: What boyfriend?

FROM JOSH: Wait your single!

TO JOSH: Well kinda

FROM JOSH: Wat do u mean?

TO JOSH: Never mind ya I'm single.

The flight atendent came back. "Ok you guys can get up now to walk around" she said "Dose any one need any thing?"

"Ya can I have some water?" Niall asked her

"Of coarse. Any one else?"

"can I have a coffe please?" I ask.

"I gusse anyone else."

"Lily Riley won't leave me alone!" Chloe said throwing me her phone.

"Ok Ill be right back" The attendent said. I looked at the phone and there was another text from Riley I opened it.

"Holy shit." I say closing it quick puting my hands over my eyes.

" What?" Chloe said and looked at the picture.She screamed and threw it so hard that it hit the wall and broke.

" What the hell?" Harry asked.

"Oh my god that was just ahhhhh" I say

"My eyes!" Chloe screamed.

Riley sexted her a piture of his ya ewwww no no no no I didn't want to see that. I looked at Chloe and said. " Why would you date him if you said no to him you wouldn't of had to brake up with him then the would of never happed! That was like ewww." I say.

"I'm sorry ewwwwww I'm never sleeping again. But worst of all I broke my phone!" She said.

"Oh that was the worst part." I say.

"What happened?" Perrie asked " I was sitting right next to you and I didn't see it."

"Chloe likes to  date retards who errr how do I put this?" I ask Chloe

"Who hate all living things and like to scar people for life." She said.

"But what happened?" Jon asked.

"Her ex sent her a picture of a snake" I say every one then says ohh under standing except for Chloe and Harry

"No he didn't" she said

"I don't get it." Harry said.

"Your to young to get it." Niall said.

"I'm younger then him and I get it." I say

"How old are you?"  Sandy asked.

"17" I say every ones jaw drops except for Chloe.

"O I get it now!" Harry yells and I just look at him wierd.

"Your 17?" Josh says.

"18 on Saterday.' I say.

"Today is monday right?" Chloe says.


"Monday June 7 right."


"Fuck I have to call AJ." She says. I give her my phone.

"His name is lazy shit in there." I say.

"K" she says and walks into the room I got dressed in.

The flight atendent comes back and gives Niall his water and she walks over to give my my coffe but spilt it on me. " Oh my god I'm so sorry!" She says. " Here umm ill get you some more she said and gave me the cup to hold she got the pot and dumped it over my head. "opps I did it again. Sorry" I stood up and looked at her.

"No your not." I said.

"Your right I'm not, but I don't like prostitutes on the plane." She said. "I don't know why any one would pay you to sleep with them"

"I'm not a prostitute."

"Well good becuse I don't know who would want you." 

"I could give you a list of people." 

"I would." Josh said raising his hand. Chloe just walked in the room

"Whats up?" She asked.

"Can I have my phone?" I asked and she gave it to me. I called Zackes number

Me; Hi

Zack: Hey babe I new you would call.

Me: Realy?

Zack : Ya but don't worry the next time I see you I'll fuck you so hard.

With that I hung up and called Jake

Jake: hey babe I miss you

Me: wonderful

Jake; come home please this time I won't screw up

Me;Oh Really

Jake; ya from now on I'll only fuck you

I hung up and called Cole

Cole: See I knew you would call. you ca come over any time you want I'm always open to screwin you.

Me; Thats awsume

I hung up and called Mike.

Mike: Hey Cole told me you called him Im sorry about him but you can come over my place wwe could.

I hung up and called  Ben.

Ben: Ok today I'm gunna be straight forward get over here now

I hung up and called Owen

Owen; Hey wats up?

Me; nothing

Owen; Great you want to stay at my place to night I heard about Jake and Zack.

Me; Nope

I hung up and looked at the flight atendent"Its a good thing I'm not a prostitute I'd be way to bussy."

"Well that just proves you sleep around alot." She says crossing her arms.

 "I havn't slept with any of them." I say.

"Ugh" she said and stromed off I went back to the bedroom to change. There is coffe all over me it was realy hot to, But I did't realy notice I'v been burnt before. Whatever what should I wear.


Lily went into the bed room to change probubly. I can't belive Cindy would do that. Why would she just dump hot coffe all over her.Then she called a bunch of people I know she just wanted to tell her off but theres no way she enjoys guys saying shit like that to her. Josh also openly admits he would and I quote "tap that" at least Sandy keeps it to him self. The second she closed the door Josh looks at Chloe and asked "What did she mean that she was 'kinda single'"

"Umm it's complicated." she said.

"Explain." he said walking over to sit next to him and she wisper something in his ear.When she fiished talking his jaw droped. Danm whats up with Lily and suprises. "The hell." He said

"Ya I know right" she said."People these days."

"Now I feel bad." He said "I'm such a jerk some times and I was a total jerk to her."

"Go say sorry she will forgive you trust me"

"You think?" He asked

"Ya thats another long story." She said. Chloe took his phone ad did something then took out her phone she probubly put his number in her phone. It looked like they were texting when Josh look at Chloe. She nodded and he walked into the bedroom. Wait he jjust walked into the bedroom. With Lily, and she went in there to get changed. What the hell. My chances with Lily are slipping from my reach all ready.

"Danm it." I say. Shit I didn't mean to say it out loud.

"What?" Liam asked.

"I umm forgot to get extra guitar strings." I say trying to get out of admiting I like Lily in front of Chloe, Jon,Sandy,and Dan.

"Thats alright I have a ton" Sandy said.

"Thanks man."

"No prob."


 I looked threw my chlothes and after ten minutes I found an outfit. I striped down I had to change every thing. Stupid coffe that seeps through chloths. I changed into matching lace bra and thong. I put on jean shorts. I walked over to the mirror and saw my mascara was every whwere danm it this is why I don't wear makeup. I took off all of my make up and relised my hair had coffe in it. Shit. I put my hair up in a sock bun so it didn't look to bad. I walked back over to the bed when my phone buzzed. I checked it and it was from cole. Eww. I sat on the bed and texted him back any way. After 5 minuets of texting Cole josh came in ad shut the door."Lily Oh err sory." He said turing aroud. I looked down and fuck I'm in only my bra. I grabed my I love Drummers shirt and put it on."

"You can look now " I say and he turmed around.

"I'm sorry for hitting on you its just that you arn't like other girls I've met and I got nervouse around you." He said and sat next to me.

"Its ok i've heard worse."I say "You heard the phone calls that was an example of them politly saying they woul nand I quote 'fuck me'"

"Well you deserve better." He said and put his hand on my thigh.

"Ya I've dated every on of the people I called and Riley who sent the snake picture." I say.

"Well I think you need to keep looking and you'll find some one who's goal isn't  to get in your pants." he said puting his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him.

"I thought that to but now I'm just a slut whos dated a bunch of guys." I say. I rested my head his shoulder. "I don't think I'll be alive by the time my perfect guy coms around."

"What do you mean?" He asked worried tilting my head up so I was looking in his eyes. "like you think you'll be dead?"

"Well no I'll be alive but I just won't be err like I'll be hear just with no purpose.I don't know if you'll understand , but the only thing I''ll be thinking of is how am I gunna escape." I say looking straight into his eyes.

"Escape?" He said.

"Lets just say my future dosn't look good." I say. "Theres some buisnise that I need to take care of."

"Ok. We still have 9 hours untill we get to L.A."

"What time is it?" I ask.

"Its 5 pm."

"Already danm." I say.

"Ya oh and I like your shirt." he says poking my tummy.

"Thanks I love myself alot." I say.

"You a drummer?"

"I can play about any instrament you give me." I say.

"Can you sing?" he asked.

"Not realy" I say.

"I don't beleive you." he said "but I can sing a little."

"Can you sing for me?"

"Sure" he said he sang as long as you love me. I rsted my head on his shoulder and closed my eyes. when he finished he started singing boy friend and I fell asleep.


I sang to her and she fell asleep. She's pretty but I know Niall has a thing for her. I know Niall and I can tell he likes her. At least he won't hurt her. He could never hurt a girl. He wouldn't. Hes her perfect guy for her. I wish I could say I'm good for her but I'm a player he won't hurt her. I layed down and let Lily lay on my chest. She moved a little and grabed my shir. I could see her breathing was uneven I think she was having a nightmare. I wrap my arms around her I kissed the top of her head. her hair smelt like coffe  wonder why. I wispered in her ear "It's ok I'm right hear." and she stoped. I finaly fell asleep with her.

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