lily is just a regular 17 year old girl who loves one direction. but one day when going to a signing for 1D she runs in to louis tomlinson. when harry calls dibs on her what will happen when she falls for niall and will they go all the way? will the boys walk away from her when they see the sick crazzy dangoruse life she has? will Niall and her last or wil she fall for some one eles? what will they do if she dies? will Niall be able to keep her even after she meets there hot drummer? Read to see if lilys Hopessly dangoruse life will work out in the end or if every thing go wrong. (A/N)
hey everyone this is my first story and give me feed back pleese luv ya.
- Lily


4. phone call

Niall's POV;

lily walked out of the room and harry yells "I CALL HER NIALL!"

the boys all laugh and i said "ok i dont realy care for her that much anyway"

"WHAT!" harry yells and the other boys looked counfused.

"Shes totaly fit, pretty ,beautiful, and shes like drop dead gorgues and she seems nice." Harry said in her defence.

"Well ya shes fit and pretty but shes just anothere tall,skinny,blonde, with blue eys she probly thinks that shes liike the best and stuff like all the other people that look like her." i said

"O.K. but niall you dont even know her yet she cant be that bad lets see if she wants to go to the party with us tonite." Louis says,

"Ya that would be awsum!" harry says.

Then she walks in look beautiful like when I first saw her- wait no shes just another cockie bitch like the rest.

Lilys POV;

I walk outside and looked to see who it was. It said Chloe so i answered.

me;haaay girly sup?

chloe; nothing much sorry that i left you but adam just asked me on a date and so i left to meet him you know how i have a huge crush on him.

Me; thats ok maybe he'll ask you out.

Chole; OMG that would be totaly awsume but did you fine a ride home i feel bad.

Me; i got something beter i went shoping at the mall across the street and ran into louis tomlinson!

Chloe; omg realy what happened

Me; well im at there condo and we are about to watch a movie AND gusse what Louis said Harry has a small crush on me

Chloe;OMG ok I dont want to ruwin your happiness but did jake call again?

Me; no and thank god but im still kind of upset like when it comes to relationships i am hopeless like look at me and Zack but now with jake idk what to do.

Chloe; your not hopeless i meen you said harry liked you.I meen HARRY FUCKING STYLES LIKES YOU it cant get much beter then that.

Me; no but it can get worse like the fact i think niall hates me and i dont know why.

ChloeAww im sorry but i got to go adam is here Bye!

Me; Bye!

then i hung up and went inside.


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