lily is just a regular 17 year old girl who loves one direction. but one day when going to a signing for 1D she runs in to louis tomlinson. when harry calls dibs on her what will happen when she falls for niall and will they go all the way? will the boys walk away from her when they see the sick crazzy dangoruse life she has? will Niall and her last or wil she fall for some one eles? what will they do if she dies? will Niall be able to keep her even after she meets there hot drummer? Read to see if lilys Hopessly dangoruse life will work out in the end or if every thing go wrong. (A/N)
hey everyone this is my first story and give me feed back pleese luv ya.
- Lily


6. Limos


When i was driving home i couldnt help but hate that ass whole Jake. Why would anyone hurt her? I kept asking that question over and over again. when i pulled up to the house i walk in and start getting mad. no i wasnt mad i was furios if she was my girlfriend i would never hrt her or cheat on her. I am going to kill that guy if I ever meet him. i walk up to the door and unlock it i slamed the door i didnt meen to but the boys turned around at the slam.

"What the hell Harry. What was that?!?!" Louis asked me.

"Ya whats wrong?" liam asked.

"Well ummm its just that err never mind its nothing." i said

"That sure as hell wasnt nothing. Whats wrong? Is it Lily? What happened?" Zayn asked

"No no well Lily didnt do any thing its just.."

"Its just what do you not like her?" Niall asked.

"Well in the car i asked her if she had a boy friend"

"Awww is little harry mad that Lily has a boy friend." Louis asked in a baby voice.

"Nope shes single she broke up with her boy friend yesterday," i said

"Then whats wrong?" Zayn asked.

I told the boys the wole stor and as i told them you could see the discust and anger in there faces. I told them about Jake and Zack and how she was constently being cheeted on. As i told the story i got angry again and i was about to freak out.

"Who would do that to girl thats terible." Liam said.

"Ya thats awful why would she stay with someone who cheats likethat he seems so smart." Niall said.

"I don't know there must be more behind the story but she said there still friends I'm confused." I said

"Well we just met her so don't expect every thing from her yet."Liam said.

"Ya your right. hey are El Danni and Perrie coming?"

"YA AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE EL!"Louis screamed he hasent seen her in a month hes so excited.


I can't belive it. Some guys are such ass wholes. When i first saw her she was beautiful i still thik shes a bitch but there just some thing about her. I can't belive i'm falling for the bitch i need to snap out of it.



I look in the mirror satisfied with hat i aw for once. I have guy say that im hot and stuff but i've never looked at myself and thought i was pretty or hot or skinny. Honestly I'm very insacure about myself.

"OMG you look so pretty Harry hands are guna be all over you!" Chloe said

"Well even if he was nothing is gunna happen. You know i dont want to untill im engaged at least." i say looking at chloe.

"Well you look beautiful and its almost time he'll be here soon." chloe said and walked away i looked in the mirror. I hope they don't get the wrong idea but i'm wearing a very short teal blue sequined dress that brings out my bue eyes. i have on platform heels i'm very sort im only 5 ''5 so the heels give me an other 3 inches and there cover in dimonds. i have hot pink lipstick and masascara i had white eye shadow. To top it all off i had a teal blue cluch to match my dress. my hair was straightened and i had my side bangs tucked behind my ear. The door bell rang and i ran to the door i took a deep breathe and opened the door i saw him he was in a black blazor with a white V-neck and black jeans.

"Wow you look amayzing," he said with a cheeky smile.

"Thanks," i said looking at the ground blushing. "you don't look so but your self."

"Why thank you shall we go?" He asked.

"Ya lets go,"

"The boys are in the car and El, Perrie, and Danni are in the car. I think you like them."

"Ok" we walk out side and theres a limo waiting."Wait we are takig a limo?!?!"

"Yup, you can't go to Cher Lloyd's party in any car." he said and he opened the door for me and i got in. Ad we started driving.





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