lily is just a regular 17 year old girl who loves one direction. but one day when going to a signing for 1D she runs in to louis tomlinson. when harry calls dibs on her what will happen when she falls for niall and will they go all the way? will the boys walk away from her when they see the sick crazzy dangoruse life she has? will Niall and her last or wil she fall for some one eles? what will they do if she dies? will Niall be able to keep her even after she meets there hot drummer? Read to see if lilys Hopessly dangoruse life will work out in the end or if every thing go wrong. (A/N)
hey everyone this is my first story and give me feed back pleese luv ya.
- Lily


11. FML


We got to their place and walk up to the door.  "Wait!" Niall said before we went inside.

"Ya." I asked confussed.

"Just a warning the boys and the girls are guna ask you a bunch of retarded questions." He said looking at me worried.

"I probubly have been asked weirder questions."

"K good." he said and opened the door. wewalked in and i took off my VANS puting them by the door. "Hey!" Niall yelled so everyone turned aroud on the couch.

"Hey how was your date." Perrie asked Niall. They couldn't see me because I was behind the wal so befor Niall could answer I surprised them.

"What are dates over already!" I Was right next to Niall and he wraped his arm around me.

"Nope." he said looking at me with a huge smile.

"I'll take that as a good." She said and suggled close to Zayn.

"It was ok." I say.

"What did Niall do." Louis asked.

"I don't know..." Nial said looking at me confused.

"He didn't do and thing it was Jake." I said.

"Oh I thought you ment me." Niall said and walked over to the love seat then sat down.

"Wait isn't Jake your ex boyfriend?"Harry ask confused. I took off my hat and my coat then put it on the small table by the door.

"Thats not what he told me."Niall said.

"What do you mean?" Liam asked siting up straight intrested in what Niall said.

"Ya he says alot of things, so dosn't A.J. but you can trust Chloe most of the time." I tell Niall walking over and sitting next to him on the love seat.

"I'm cofused what happened?" Louis asked. Every one was interested in what we had to say except for Zayn who was bussy on his phone.

"She got a tonge bath from her ex." Niall said.

"Ya that was fun.." I say sarcasticly "The best part was that I had to brush my teeth for ten minuets afterward."

"Thats not all that happend therees a video on youtube of you beating the shit out of a guy." Zayn says and gets off his


"I told him to let go and I counted to 3 soooo." by then every one was crouded around Zayn watching the video. 

"Holy shit!" El said looking at me. Every one looked at me in shock .

"What?" I asked.

 "How the fuck did you do that!?!?!" Dani asked.

"You would under stand if you saw who I grew up with." I said.

"Why don't you tell us then."  Liam said.

"So you want to hea my life  story." I said.

"Yup now talk girl." Louis said. Danm I know he's the sassy one and shit but still.

"Okay. So the fist 7 years of my life were good I was the only girl in the family so I had all the atention and stuff I can't complain. My littlea sister Abby was born and two years later my little sister Katie was born I love them alot and stuff but a couple years latermy dad lost his job so he had like three part time jobs. My mom had a full time job and betwee both of them working when I was 11 I babysat four days a week friday, saterday, sunday, and tuseday. My life pretty much revoled around my sisters. I was told that I had to get a scolar ship to go to collage or I would have to pay for it. I was told that I had to be a sraight a student I had to be the fastest swimmer I had to never give up. When I was 13 at that point every one said that it dosn't matter whta I did an A wasnt good enough I was pretty much baby sitting every day. I slacked off at school if I didn't like the teacher the asignment or didn't want to do somthinge I didn't do it. All my focas was on swim and baby sitting. I missed alot of get togethers with my friends to a point wear they stopped inviting me and that went on untill I was 14.My friend asked me to come to her party she had at her house and I told my mom and she was on vacation so she promised I could go but that day she told me I couldn't go and that she had a last minuet call in to work and so I alled her and said I could't come and she told me that the party was my surprise 15th birthday party and that she told my mom and dad. I talked to my parents and the told me that they knew about it. we talked argued and all of the above for 2 days finaly I decided that if at 15 I have prety much raised my sisters and took care of myself I could live on my own. I packed every thing I had up when my mom and dad were at work when they got home I called a cab said good bye and left. I had moey sved I rented an apartment and I call Chloe to see if she wanted to move in because I needed help with rent. She had been living with her 20 year old sister because her mom died when she was 13 witch was hard for her and me. She moved in a few months later our friend Rosie came with us to. Then one day Rosie and I went to a friends house and they killed her right in front of me they tryed to kill me but the nabors herd the gun shot and called the cops so they were arrested. Umm I became a straight A student the fastest swimmer on my swim team I made rent with 6 different jobs and babby sat my sisters on fridays. A.J. then came to live with me and chloe because me and A.J. crashed his dads car and his dad banned me from ever seeing him and he is a close friend and a good one so I said I wouldn't bother him. The next day he shows up at the apartment and told me he was kiked out so he know stays with us. Err I don't really have the most normal life ad thats just the short sum up of my life. All you need to do now is meet Chloe A.J. and Jake then it all makes more sence." I said.

"Wow." Harry said and then I relised that I just told them I watched my friend die danm I stupid. They all looked at me with sorrowful and sad faces.

"Ya that not even the half of it." I said.

"I-I'm so sorry we didn't know.  I just thought that like you didn't like your parents or something," Louis said.

"Ya I can't beleive you had to watch your friend get murdered," El said.

Niall wrapped his arm around me and held me close the wispered in my ear. "I'm so sorry." and he kissed the top of my head.

"NO! O.K. I love that you all feel bad and thanks for your concern but not to sound rude or anything I'm fucking sick of very one saying sorry." I say and everyones eyes were on me. "Theres only two people who could of saved her it was me and... well you get the point so don't say your sorry because I didn't help her."

"OK i'm sorry we won't talk about it again I mean i'm not sorry. sorry I shit I mean lets just talk about something else." Liam struggled to get out I just laughed and shock my head.

"You can say sorry just not about that and lets move on now..." I say.

"Let's play truth or dare!" Louis said ad jumped up.

"OK lets." I said.

"Who should start?" Niall asked.

"ME!" Zayn shouted.

"Ok then go." I said.

"Harry truth or dare?"


"I dare you to run aroud the living room naked."

"Ok." he said and took off his shirt a second later my phone started to ring and I saw it was A.J.

"Errr I gotta take this" I said getting up and I walked into the bathroom.

me; hello

A.J.; Lily you need to leave.

me; what do you mean?

A.J.; Ronan is out of jail Jake called me and told me he went to his house looking for you.

Me; Where do you want me to go?

A.J.; I dont know but like you need to take a plane some where far away.

Me; ok I'll err think of something.

AJ; K bye

Me; bye.

After I hung up I walked back out just as Harry put his shirt back on. I sat back down next to Niall and Harry looked at me.

"Truth or dare?"


"ok errr I don't know I thought you would pick dare." Harry said. "Ok i got one have you ever given some one a blow job?"

"Well thats not personal at all.. but  if I have to answer yes." I say truthfuly.

"Really!" Harry asked surprised.

"Ya I'm not living under a rock." I say.

 "But you seem so inocent"

"Hell no." I say.

we continued playing for an hour then we finaly decide to just watch a movie. when we turned on the TV the news was on and it said. BRAEINK NEWSA TALL MAN NAMED RONAN HAS ESCAPED JIAL. It then showed a mug shot of a man with a buzz cut dark skin and tatoos all on his arm and one star next to his left eye.

"Wait!" I yelled and every  one stopped and looked at me. I could reconize that tatoo any were.

"What?' Niall asked.

"Oh I just wanted to see what that was." I said and the boys put in paranormal activity2. Great a horror movie just what I need. The whole movie I was cuddled super closeto Niall. There is nothing that can realy  scare me but horro movies scare the shit out of me. Danm I'm so screwed up I have to leave every one I love soon and hide FML.


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