lily is just a regular 17 year old girl who loves one direction. but one day when going to a signing for 1D she runs in to louis tomlinson. when harry calls dibs on her what will happen when she falls for niall and will they go all the way? will the boys walk away from her when they see the sick crazzy dangoruse life she has? will Niall and her last or wil she fall for some one eles? what will they do if she dies? will Niall be able to keep her even after she meets there hot drummer? Read to see if lilys Hopessly dangoruse life will work out in the end or if every thing go wrong. (A/N)
hey everyone this is my first story and give me feed back pleese luv ya.
- Lily


9. brakefast and fights


Yesterday when Lily went to the bathroom I went to the dance floor i was going to wait for her but this girl just made out with me. I felt bad so I told Liam I lost Lily. I woke up with a hudge headache in  bed with pink sheets. I wonder where the girl went I think her name was cindy. I get up and put on my boxers and pants. As I grab my shirt Cindy walks in. Shes short and petite with brown hair shoulder leghth with blue eyes.

'Where are you going? Can't you stay a little longer?" She asked undoing my pants. She was ready for a round two but I was in no mood. Pluss I should get home before the boys get up its only 8 so I could go home go to bed and they will think nothing happened.

"No I can't babe I got to go." I say pulling on my shirt and zipping my pants up again.

"Fine." she said with a puty face but the she wrote something down on a slip of paper. "call me."

"I will" i said and put the paper i my poket. I don't have alot of one night stands and I don't like lieing to girls like that but every now and then can't be that bad. I took a cab home and it was only a 10 min drive. But the light was killing me. I had alot to drink yesterday with Lily. This hangover is oe of the worse ones i've had. I hope Lily is ok she said it was her first drink so the hangover can't be good for her either. I feel so bad that was a dick move yesterday I told Lily I would wait for her but instead I fuck around with another girl. I gusse I would hurt her if she was my girlfriend. All this thinking makes my head hurt I need some aspin or something. when the cab arived to the house I just gave him $100 I didn't have the patients right now for exact change and shit plus the American money systom cufuzes me. I walk inside and shut the door quietly. I take off my shoes and walk to my room every one is asleep still thank god. I fell back to sleep.

*3 hours later*

I smell pancakes ad bacon. One of the girls must be making brakefast its 11 now so I gusse its a good time to go down  stairs. I'm still in my clothes from yester day so i change into my hipsta please shir and some jeans and i run down stairs.

"Smells good" i say to El who was making brakefast.

"When did you get here curly?" Louis asked me

"Around 8 this morning."

"Did you have fun?" Zayn asked.

"Ya I did."

"I can't belive your back so early. Normaly you come home now and tell us in detail about your round two. But don't get me wrong I realy don't want to here about it." Perrie said.

"Ya thats always lovely thoughs days we come here and here about your sex life." Danni said backing up Perrie.

"Well if you must kow we didn't have a round two."

"Wow I' pround of you Harry. you've relised going to a party isn't an invatation to get layed." Liam siad

"Nope I just left before anything else happend."

"Why?"Louis asked.

"Honestly I felt guilty."

"What did you feel guilty about?" El asked confused.

"Ok so you know how I said I couldn't find Lily. She went to the bathroom and I told her I would wait for her on the dance floor. But When i got on the dance floor this girl came up to me and kissed me.Then we danced and the we went to her place. I pretty much lead Lily on and I told you i couldn't find her so you didn't get mad and now I feel  like shit for my dick move." I said and sat on the couch.

"Well I'm sure Lily won't care. She seems like a forgiving person i mean didn't you say she was still gunna be friends with her ass whole ex boyfriend?" Zayn said.

"Ya I hope your right. wheres Niall?"

"He's still asleep will you wake him up and tell him brakefast is ready." El said.

"Ok." I said and went up stairs.


Last night when Niall asked me what I ment by not being so inacent scared me. I want to tell him but if he finds out he most likely will leave. Theres also a posibilty he'll call the cops. I was scared as hell when he asked but theres no way he could of figured it out. I can act. Its a skill that I have. I realy like him. I didn't think he could like me I'm nothing special. I am a mess. I'm not pretty and I am not right for him. The last thing he needs is my dead weight on his shoulders. My weight on his shoulders is a good way to get someone killed. I'm not worth it.

The next morning I woke up wraped in Nialls arm I felt safe thats a first. I woke p to Nialls door being open and some one yelling.

"Niall you lazy ass get out of bed or El won't make you any pancakes!"

Then Niall and I sat up at the same time I saw that it was Harry who was yelling.

"Pancakes!" Niall yells.

I giggle "Ya thats what he said dumb ass you didn't have to scream in my ear." I said

"Well somebodys not a morning person." Niall said poking my belly.

I laughed and slaped his hand. "Meany" then i stuck out my tonge at him.

"Oh come on you love me." he said giving me a kissy face.

I then got out of bed and bet down to grab my cluch to give him a clear veiw of my thong then I turned aroud and winked at him. "Thats what I wanted you to think but in reality at some point in time your going to have to relise that your in love with me not the other way around."

That took him by surprise I could tell because of the look onn his face. then harry cleared his throught and we both looked at him.

"Errrr I'll be down stairs. Just umm come down soon." He said and went down stairs. By the look on his face he was looking at my ass to. But Niall just looked at me and got up pulling a shirt over his head. I wasn't happy about that shirts arnt requiered but o well.

"Here," he said giving me a pair of his sweat pants. "We don't need any one else to see your pink thong today." he said. with that I put them on.

"Shall we have some pacakes?" I asked

"We shall," he said puling me by the arm, and running down stairs.


I opened up Nialls door and yelled "Get your lazy ass out of bed or El won't make you any pancakes!"

Then I saw two people sit up instead of one. At first I was just realy surprised because ulike the rest of us Nialls a virgin so I though he just had a random girl in bed with him. Then I saw who it was. It was Lily. I think a part of me died. The thing that were goig through my head were ot good. What did they do last night. Lily was pretty drunk and so wasn't Niall. I ca see Lily with her head leaning back moaing Nialls name when he hits her G-spot. I was thinking about all the things that they were doing when Lily got out of bed and bent down to grab something giving Niall and me a clear view of her pink thong and she looked over and winked at Niall saying something but i wasn't paying atention.

Errrr I'll be down stairs. Just umm come down soon" and I went down stairs. What the fuck I called her. I thought he had no fucking intrest in her!


We sat at the table we were both laughing and every one looked at us except Harry.

"How did you sleep Lily?" El asked me

"I slept well thak you. But you didn' need to have mee sleep over I could of just baged on the door untill chloe answered. Or I could of  called my other room mate A.J. he was at Jakes house so I could of just stoped by there ad used his key." I said.

"You have a boy room mate? Why am I not surprised?" harry said.

"What is that suposed to mean?" I asked angry with him. What is his problem?

"Oh nothing." he said.

"Ok then.. Where did you sleep any way?" Louis asked .

"Oh they don't know?" he said then lookd at Louis and said. "She slept with Niall. Probubly just used the key excuse to get in Nialls pants." He said. What the heck I'm now pissed at this guy.

"What the hell mate?" Niall said anoyed.

I stoud up enraged shitt is about to go down. "What the fuck is your problem Harry?"

"What is my problem? Niallwas right about you you are just another bitchy blonde!"

"He said what?" i said lookig at Niall. "You said that?'

"Ya but it was a.."

"No. I may be a bitch but my life sucks ass so for you to say any thing like that about me is unaceptable." i said "I went thought more shit then you will in you entire life by the time I was 13. And I had no choise about what happend!"

"Lily I'm sorry I.." Niall studdered.

"And Harry what the fuck is you problem? Why are you mad at me? you were the one who stuck there tonge down some radom girls throught. Niall and I didn't do shit last night we slept in the same bed thats it! All five of you have been my role modles from the start of your carrier' ad so far I've gotten shit from two of you. I may be a worthless peice of shit but I don't even deserve you crap. Louis, Liam, Zayn, El, Perrie, Danni its been a pleasure to meet you. And El I'm sure your pancakes are amayzing but I have to go." I say and storm off. I get back in my clothse from yasterday, I grab my clutch and put on my shoes. I go down stairs and open the door. I tried to slam it closed but Niall stoped the door and grabed my wrist. He pulled me close and looked me in the eye. I notice that his eyes were watering slightly.

"I'm sorry I didn't know... please just don't leave." he said I cold here the pain in his voice and I can't stand to think it was because of me. The next thing I know he crashes his lips to mine and lets go of my wrist. He cuped the back of my neck with one hand, and the other on my waist deeping the kiss. Then I put my arms around his neck. I was in my heels so we were the same hight. I tillted my head to the side and he did to.

"Awwwww," everyone was stading at the door watching. Niall smiled into the kiss and pulled away.

"Well I gusse I can stay a little while longer." I wisper in Niall's ear.

"Good." he says with a big smile smile and kissed my cheek.

I giggled and wiped my cheek and lips off. "Yuck."

"Do you want my pancakes now?" El asked

"Sure." I said.

"Not if I eat them first," Niall says and we raced to my seat. half way there Niall picked me up and threw me on the couch gettig to my pancakes first.

"Heyy! You cheater!" I say walking to the seat next to Niall. He put all my pancakes on his plate and taking a bite of one.

"No body said I couldn't through you!" That little bastered found a loop whole.

"Fuck you." I said stealing his plate with both of our pancakes and I got up and walked away.

"Oh so you want to fuck me?" he said.

"Sure what ever helps you sleep at night." I said winking at him sittig across from him now taking a bite of the pancakes.

"How did you get the pancakes?" He asked

"I distracted you." I say evily.

"Well I won so there mine. He said traing to take a bite of my pacakes but I slaped his had away.

"Nope I always win remember?" I asked

"Sucks to be you then."  he said trying to take a bite of my pancakes again just to get his had slaped away again.

"I will cut you if you try to take my food again.," I said "Oh and El I love the pancakes."

"You can't eat 6 pancakes by your self." he said.

"I'm a swimmer I normaly out-eat every one." I say.

"But how are you like that small?" Harry asked cofused.

"First of all I'm not small. And secrond of all in100 meters I burn 2,000 calorise at a speed of 23 seconds.  But 100 meters is a short distance normaly I do a 500 meter." I tell them.

"Wait are you gunna be in the Olympics?" Liam asked.

"Ya I plan on going to Rio. I was gunna go to England but I had to stay."I said and my phone started rining my ring tone 'Your a jerk'. Thats Jakes ring tone I don't want to answere it but I should. "Umm I'll be right back" I said Walking into Nialls room.

Me; what do you want?

Jake; Where the fuck have you been Chloes called A.J. called like ten times each. they thought you were killed. Like I'm not kiding Chloe is crying.

Me; Sorry I slept at someones house I forgot my key at home.

Jake; Ok Chloe though Ronan found you and is having a panick attack. But whos house are you at?

Me;umm I'm at One Directions place.

Jake; wait did you sleep with Harry?

Me; No I said I forgot my key so Niall had me stay at there place. But like this place is huge and there only here for like 1 more day.

Jake; Ok... umm Lily while I have you on the phone were are we you know..

Me; I'm done Jake I'm in no mood to go ove this right now I have to go.

Jake; Wait

Me; Good bye Jake see you later.

And with that I hung up. I turned around to see Niall at the door. He rubs the back of his

neck looking worried.

"Umm.. Lily I was wondering if.."


Heyy ok so wat do you think Nialls gunna ask Lily, and who do you think Ronan is?


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