Save you Tonight

I knew I shouldn't of trusted him! I knew that old creep was no good. This was defiantly not worth losing a friend, maybe 2. Why does my life turn upside down! I just need someone to be there for me instead of my mom. I need someone else that supports me instead of being useless. Do I have a superman out there about to save me or a prince to sweep me off my feet? I need to know, I can't wait any longer!


2. You're One Direction!

I woke up in the hospital all of these strangers were around be they looked familiar but I couldn't put my finger on it. "Honey, are you ok"  a lady said with short black hair " great she is awake" said a boy that looked like that lady. "Cheryl, calm down let her be!" said a man with a buzzed hair cut. "but Dane she needs her mom!" said that lady. I guess she is my mom, and the man is my dad, and that boy over there is my brother but, who am I?

I looked up in the mirror that hanged on the wall. I had wavy brown hair, blue eyes and a small mouth. I had tan skin and by looking at length of my body I was tall and curvy. " Nicole, what are you looking at?" said my dad "oh nothing" i replied. I guess I'm Nicole, I kind of like my name it fits me. There was a knock at the door  "come in!" my mom said. 5 handsom guys walked in my mouth dropped who could these fine looking men be? i said to my self.

I must of had my mouth dropped open and my eyes starring at me cause one of the guys said to me" you hungry there?" he had brown hair that swooped to the side and blue eyes. I shut my mouth quickly and smiled. " Hi Nicole are you feeling any better?" said a guy with light brown brown wavy/curly hair with brown eyes. " Yes I am fine" I answered " may I ask you a question?" I asked them. "ya sure" said the guy with an irish accent and had blond hair and blue eyes. "well how do you guys know me?" I asked "well we were drivng on the same highway as you but you got into a car crash with your other friends" said a guy with black hair and dark brown eyes with good cheeckbones "oh" i replied. " ya we were the ones who called the abulance and 911" said a male who had brown hair that was super curly and green eyes. " well thank you" i said "umm what are your names?" I asked "oh ya i forgot Im Louis Tomlison"said the guy wearing strips "Im Liam Payne" said the guy wearing a plaid jacket. "Nial Horan" said the guy wearing a red polo " Zayn Malik" he said wearing a letter jacket "and

last but not least I'm Harry Styles" said a guy wearing a plain white t-shirt.

Thats when it shocked me "YOU GUYS ARE ONE DIRECTION!" I said without trying to fangirl.

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