Save you Tonight

I knew I shouldn't of trusted him! I knew that old creep was no good. This was defiantly not worth losing a friend, maybe 2. Why does my life turn upside down! I just need someone to be there for me instead of my mom. I need someone else that supports me instead of being useless. Do I have a superman out there about to save me or a prince to sweep me off my feet? I need to know, I can't wait any longer!


14. Unexpected Visitor

Nicole's P.O.V.

I wonder how Winter got my number but I don't really care at that moment. I was just so glad we are texting right now after so many years!

Me~Hey Winter! So good to hear from you!

Winter~ I know right! I was in town and I thought to contact you! so I went over to the phone and found your number!

Me~ That's so great! We need to hang out with eachother sometime!

Winter~ Yea get the whole gang togther! LOL I'm not busy during the time I'm down here.

Me~ So do you want to hang out tonight?


Me~ Haha, okay just come to the hospital at 6. I have news to tell you.

Winter~ Why the hospital?

Winter~ What happened?

Winter~ Did you get hurt?

Winter~ Nicole answer me!

Nicole~ I'll tell you when I see you, bye!

Winter~See ya later

My mood has changed from thinking about Tera. I need to get over what happened but she was such a close friend to me! I walk out where everyone else is at. The sight of Louis makes me giggle. He has his hands on top of his head. Face is totally red and looks like he has no idea what to do.

"Louis you okay there?" I laugh, so does Harry.

"Yea I'm fine", He says.

"No you're not! You have been like this forever!" Harry shouts.

"Shut it curls!" Louis trying to be calm.

"Just saying the truth!" He says with his hands in the air.

"Just tell me what you said!" Tracey says.

"Do you really want to know?" I ask.

"Yes!" she yells.

"I said well maybe you, ummmmm" I say thinking.

"and" She tries to continue it.

"I don't remeber, I was to busy talking to Winter!" I say.

"Oh yea! Tell me what she said." Tracey said, I knew that could change the subject. I told her the story and the boys left for some interview.

~5:30 p.m.~

30 more minutes til Winter arrives. I hope she hasn't changed much. Tracey and I are so excited to see Winter again! I told her the room number so she won't be lost.

"ahhh I can't take the waiting anymore!" Tarcey shouts.

"I know she needs to be here already" I laugh

"just a few more minutes!" she says.

"I know" I reply. We heard footsteps coming closer to the door. We looked at each other big eyed. I rush to the door waiting to hug my friend. The door opens and I hug Winter. I open my eyes and I saw that it was the nurse. Tracey is laughing really hard. I could feel my face getting really hot.

"sorry!" I say as I release my arms.

"it's okay!" she says and walks over to Tracey to check up on her. Then she leaves and Tracey just laughs and I don't say anything.

We heard other footsteps out the door. Instead of having another embarresing moment I just sat down waiting. The door opens and I expect to see Winter but I see something way worse. A huge man burst into the room but he wasn't alone. Long brown hair was dangling from his arms. He had turn around and I saw big brownish with a hint of blue eyes filled with terror. I knew who was in his arms.

"Put Winter down!" I scream and looked into the man's eyes. I knew who exactly who it was.

"Why would I do that? Nicole." Tera's step dad said.

"Of couse you would do this!" I yell.

"Yes, and there is nothing you can do" he says holding a gun towards me.

I heard a shot in the air and I close my eyes thinking about what has happened in my life. But I don't feel anything so I open my eyes again. Tera's step-dad is falling and Winter is wiggling out of his grip. She is free and I run towards her in a hug. He is on the ground and I see who shot him and it was a cop. I told him thank you and he waved and took the step-dad with him.

"I have to call someone!" I said to Winter rushing towards my phone.

Louis has been calling me before I can pick up my phone. I click the answer button.

"ARE YOU OKAY!" He shouts causing me not hear well.

"Ya I'm fine the cops took him" I told him.

"Thats what happened last time but he came back!" He says.

"ya but I'm sure this will be the last time" I say.

"I'm still coming over and I'm bringing the boys" he said and he had ended the call.

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