Save you Tonight

I knew I shouldn't of trusted him! I knew that old creep was no good. This was defiantly not worth losing a friend, maybe 2. Why does my life turn upside down! I just need someone to be there for me instead of my mom. I need someone else that supports me instead of being useless. Do I have a superman out there about to save me or a prince to sweep me off my feet? I need to know, I can't wait any longer!


5. truth or dare

"are you sure, honey?" my mom questioned me "yes! yes mom I know it was him he would do something like this!" I exclaimed. "why would he?" asked Louis "well.." I began untill the door flew open it was Chris Tera's step-dad. "hey there I was checking on you to see if you were alive" he said as his face looked mad as I'm alive. Louis stood up and said "can you please leave for a second" with a disgust look on his face Chris left. "go on" my mom said " It was Tera's Birthday party and we were playing truth or dare *I laughed when I was thinking about the dares* well Tera chose dare and we came up with a really good one. The dare was to go pants Chris(he was outside) then scream to get everyones attention. Well Tera never passed a dare so she did it, Chris was so embarressed and then she screamed everybody came out side and laughed and took pictures. We sprinted back inside while laughing so hard that we couldn't breathe!" I snickered and I saw a smirk on Louis face.

I countinued "Well when everybody got inside they immeditly posted in online and it went virual, Chris saw it and yelled up for Tera." a tear rolled down my cheeck "I could remember hearing Chris slap Tera across the face and I heard Tera scream in pain. I heard a drunk voice saying YOUR FRIENDS NEED TO GO HOME!!. Tera came down with tears rolling down her cheecks and she had a black eye with red hand marks across her face. Tera i said to her im so sorry come to my house i finished to say to her so she agreed." I looked up to Louis and my moms face the looked devistated.

" Tera sneeked out with us and hopped in the car she vollentered to drive and with that we went to the mall. When we were in the parking lot I let her borrow my makeup to try to cover up the black eye. As we were walking around in the mall Tera told me that Chris was gonna kill her if she left the house i said back to her dont worry and smiled at her. after walking around the mall we got back into the car and was gonna go to my house. Our favorite song came on it was "Save you tonight" we got so happy and turned it up and sang alonged bouncing in our seats then thats all i could remember after that." I said balling my eyes out.

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