Save you Tonight

I knew I shouldn't of trusted him! I knew that old creep was no good. This was defiantly not worth losing a friend, maybe 2. Why does my life turn upside down! I just need someone to be there for me instead of my mom. I need someone else that supports me instead of being useless. Do I have a superman out there about to save me or a prince to sweep me off my feet? I need to know, I can't wait any longer!


7. Doctors visit

(sorry if the writing is bad I'm writing off of my iPod so yea!!) Did this really happen!? I thought to myself Did I just really KISS LOUIS TOMLISON!!! I thought again. As I pulled away from him and opened my eyes I saw that Louis was trying to read my face "I'm sorry about that" he said rubbing the back of his neck. "I just couldn't h....." he tried to say but he was intterupted by me kissing him. "It's fine don't worry about it!" I said smiling. He smiled back, the door opened and the doctor walked in "Nicole I have some good news for you" he said "yes doc what is it?" I asked "you may go home anytime you want to!" he said smiling and looking at me through his glasses "Finally!!" I exclaimed "oh doc. how is Jamie?" I asked "oh yes her, ummm" he said looking sad. I lost another friend from Tera's physco step dad "Jamie is fine she is healthy but she needs a little recovery!" he said "I got you didn't I" he said again "yes yes you did" I sighed in relief. The doctor walked out of the door to the next patient "mom let's get out of here but lets go see how Tracy and Jamie are doing" I said "yes of course honey!" she said.

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