Save you Tonight

I knew I shouldn't of trusted him! I knew that old creep was no good. This was defiantly not worth losing a friend, maybe 2. Why does my life turn upside down! I just need someone to be there for me instead of my mom. I need someone else that supports me instead of being useless. Do I have a superman out there about to save me or a prince to sweep me off my feet? I need to know, I can't wait any longer!


10. abc

"Nicole? Are you ok", My mom asked.

"Ya", I sniffled quietly.

"Ok, well hurry out because we have to be out by 2", she said.

"ok", I said more happier.

I just can't wait to be out of the hospital! I want to see my friends and see how they are doing. I want to go home and carry on with my life. I want to listen to One Direction. Wait I know One Direction! I can talk to them anytime I want! To make it better I think I might be dating one of them!

I step out of the shower and grab my towel. I dry myself off and I look into the mirror, I looked more happier. I saw the scar on my leg and brings me back memories with Tera. I bite my lip and let a tear roll down my cheeck. Hold it in Nicole. I thought to myself.

I dressed in something comfortable. Some sweatpants and a pink hoodie with a T-shirt under it. I put my hair up into a messy bun and put on some fuzzy socks on my cold feet. I slipped on some fuzzy boots and walked out of the bathroom.

"Ready" My mom asked.

"Yep" I replied.

We walked out the door and made our way to Tracy's room.

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