is this all a dream?

read to find out :)


1. the night it all began

 It had been only a couple of weeks since me and my two best friends had moved over to London. We had been staying in a hotel until we found a place. we had been looking at some nice houses but what the other girls did not know was that i had already found one. It was fully furnished with four bedrooms three bath two stories  and a pool. their was a large living room and giant kitchen. The out side was a dark brown with white trim and an steps leading down to the door. It was in every way perfect for us. I hadn't given any clue that i had gotten it and was going to surprise them next week before  Amanda's 18th birthday." Tessa what are u doing we are going to be late for the concert!!" i heard Stephanie yell from the main room of the hotel. " um just finishing up be out in a minute " i said as i put the finishing touches on my outfit. i walked out of the bathroom to let them know i was done. " wow when did you get that?" Amanda asked as we walked to the elevator. " yesterday. do u like it?" i was wearing a navy blue dress with thick straps and rested above my knees. I had on a small brown belt and brown boots to mach. " YES! i love it ..... you will have to let me borrow it" she exclaimed happily as we got to the elevator and hit the lobby button. " um not before she lets me!" Stephanie chimed in. they went back and forth a little then stopped as we got to the car. It didn't take us long to get to the concert and got in fast finding our seats. They had gotten me front row seats directly in the middle of the stage and passes to meet our favorite band i loved them for that. We were not there but maybe five minutes and the whole building was almost full of loud screaming girls and bright flashing sings. " wow i never imagined it would be like this" Stephanie screamed so i could hear her over the other girls. I just smiled and nodded because i hadn't heard what she said. The lights went off and the stage lit up with a video and the building with screams. I looked over to see both Stephanie and Amanda screaming and i just laughed then joined in. 5...4....3....2....1 the video stopped and five boys ran out on stage singing.

Stephanie's P.O.V 

i couldn't believe that we were actually here front row!! " are you having fun?" i asked the girls when the boys went off back stage to get ready for the next song."YESS!!!" they both screamed i smiled and turned back to the stage when i heard Niall talking. i liked all of them but he was my favorite. it suddenly got quiet then loud again as they started to read their favorite tweets. i mentally face palmed myself for forgetting to tweet this morning. they read off a few and spotted the people in the crowd. Harry read the last one and i knew instantly who's it was for she never left anywhere with out tweeting. he read the tweet and i looked over to Tessa to see her head shooting up from the floor and her eyes widening. " can't believe i am going! Have an amazing performance!!!! :)  from Tessaloves_onedirection " he read " well Tessa where are you ..... oh front row perfect" harry smiled and Amanda screamed for him.

  Tessa's P.O.V

i can not believe that he read my tweet out of all of the tweets to pick from he chose mine! my heart stopped when i heard the first few words escape his lips thinking " no that couldn't be mine " i looked up to the screen to see non other but my tweet up there. it sounded so stupid when i read it but when he did it sounded almost perfect. when he said my name butterflies erupted in my stomach causing me to go a little dizzy. Amanda scared me half to death when she screamed like she did. it sounded kinda like something out of a horror film when someone is about to die and think that screaming will help them. i looked up to see the Harry Styles walking right to me. he knelt down at the edge of the stage not allowed to go any further and said " i believe that we have had an amazing performance tonight........ and am glad a beautiful girl like you could come tonight " then flashed me a smile which i could not help but return and went back to his spot next to Louis on stage. they sang a few more songs and i swear he kept looking at me. the concert ended and they said goodnight before going backstage to meet fans.

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