is this all a dream?

read to find out :)


2. meeting

Stephanie's P.O.V

" if i'm not mistaken Harry couldn't keep his eyes off of you." i said to Tessa as we walked back to get in line. i saw her face get red as she looked down to try and hide it from us." i have no clue what you are talking about you must have been seeing things...... and besides why would he look at me i am not even p-" Amanda cut her off before she could finish " don't even start with the whole i'm not pretty thing you are absolutely  GORGEOUS.... and don't you say other wise got it?" she basically screamed causing other fans to look at us which honestly we did not care.

Tessa's P.O.V

 they always try to tell me how 'gorgeous' i am and how they would kill to look like me but honestly i do not see it, all i see is long black curly hair, bright blue eyes few freckles on my cheeks. i see every imperfection on myself and never on anyone else. as the line grew shorter i realized we were the last ones in the line i danced a little inside knowing that we .... they  would get to see the boys maybe longer." guys will you please clam down you are acting like two little kids who just got a new toy " i said to them laughing at what they were doing. they had began to sing quite loudly and started dancing and jumping around i couldn't help but laugh at this. " noooooo we don't wanna " they both whined at me. " fine but you might want to turn around " i said smiling. they spun around to find that we would be seeing them in less then a minute.

i saw two girls walking towards us with stupidly happy smiles plastered on their faces. Stephanie and Amanda walked forward until they were face to face with the boys. i stood a bit behind and leaned up against a wall taking my phone out pretending not to notice what was happening right in front of me. i heard mumbling and laughing, then the next thing i knew my phone was being ripped from my hands. " give it back " i said sternly as i looked up to see Louis standing there like he had done nothing. " give what back?" he asked " my phone i know you took it now please give it " i said reaching behind him trying to grab my phone from him. " hmm NO" he said not once smiling as he turned and walked to the group clearly wanting me to follow since he held my phone behind him the whole time. i decided if i ever wanted my phone back i would have to so i followed him trying to grab it back every chance i got. Stephanie who i am guessing had no clue what he was doing saw me trying to get something from him and cautiously asked " um Tess what are you doing?" " well Louis here decided to take my phone and won't give it back!" i glared at him and he just smiled back like nothing had happened and said "i did not" giving her puppy dog eyes. they all laughed and continued on with whatever it was they were doing when i saw harry go up to Louis and take something from him. " i am never going to get it back" i thought watching harry put it in his pocket.  

Amanda's P.O.V

i watched as her phone was passed. " this is going to be a long night " i thought to myself. we moved into a larger room with two couches and a big chair. somehow i was stuck between loud,crazy Louis and calm, quiet Liam. Stephaine was by Niall and Tessa by Harry. Zayn was in the chair keeping to himself . i watched as Tessa struggled to get her phone back and silently laughed knowing it would be a while. 

Tessa's P.O.V 

i knew that he had my phone and i really wanted it back so i figured if he wont give me mine then i will take his. Harry being harry had left it on his leg as he talked to Louis and i took the chance to take it and sent myself a quick message. i laughed when i saw him jump and i felt the vibration on the couch." are you okay harry you seem a bit jumpy?" "umm yeah i'm fine " he said reaching in his pocket and pulling out my phone looking at the message. he seemed a bit confused then started feeling his pockets as if missing something. " missing something?" i asked holding up his phone. his head shot straight towards me " give it back " he said reaching for it but i was too quick and slipped it into my boot.

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