is this all a dream?

read to find out :)


3. like nothing ever happened.

Amanda's P.O.V

i'm guessing that Tessa and Harry had forgot about the whole phone thing and after a while everything was absolutely perfect. Me and Louis had gotten into a conversation. not totally sure what it was about. i was starting to get a bit tired but i looked around to everyone laughing and having fun that i didn't want to say anything." well i have had an amazing time with you guys but i am getting tired so we better go " i heard Tessa say getting up off the couch i strangely felt relieved when she said that because i didn't feel like i fit in with them they were all so hyper and energetic even Tessa and Stephanie and i was just so blah. i was glad we were leaving.

Tessa's P.O.V 

we said goodbye giving them all hugs Liam then Zayn, Louis,Niall harry being last.they all pulled me in tight as if i was something they never wanted to loose, it was cute how they all opened up and got so close to us in the couple hours we were with them.   it was easy to find  my car since we were the only ones left other than the boys. we all got in and about half way back to the hotel i heard Stephanie say " i'm hungry " i pulled in ti the nearest open food place and she ran in to get the food. Me and Amanda sat in the car waiting when i felt foot vibrate. i reached down to pull out a phone. i'm guessing it was mine since it looked like it then i saw the message it was from Louis. i was confused for a second then remembered i had not given or gotten any of their numbers. Then it hit me, i had never given harry back his phone which meant i had never gotten back mine!!. " shit " i said out loud " what's wrong?" Amanda asked " nothing everything's fine " i lied. i typed in my number again sending a message to harry. um Harry you still have my phone!. i set the phone in my lap as Stephanie got back in with the food.

" finally i am starving!" amanda said turning around to get something to eat.i had decided to take them to the  house instead of the hotel tonight and see what they thought of it. " are you lost or something?"they asked after a while " nope " i said as i pulled into the driveway and got out heading to the door. " where are we?" they both asked looking around. " home " i simply stated as i opened the door and headed up the stairs to my room. " go find your rooms!" i called from the top of the stairs and went to my room to look through the clothes i had brought over earlier in the week. i changed out f my clothes into some pajamas before going down stairs to find the girls. " We are going to the hotel tomorrow to get our stuff!" i yelled about halfway down the stairs. 

i had just relaxed sitting on the couch when i heard fast steps down the stairs then felt a breathtaking force against me as both of them jump on top of me laughing and thanking me for the night and house.they rolled off the couch onto the carpet and began wrestling. i switched on the tv and they stopped, sat up and we quiet.. for once. i felt the phone go off looking at it to see it was from harry. TessaBoo <3: so i guess that means i get to see you again :) i smiled feeling my face get hot and decided to go to my room before the girls saw and wondered who it was. To TessaBoo <3: yes curly it does :) tomorrow morning? i immediately got a response. from TessaBoo <3: perfect. coffee? i thought about it for a sec before sticking m head out the door and screaming to the girls " i'm going to coffee tomorrow morning!!" before shutting and locking my door preparing for the thousand question about to come my way has i heard fast steps up the stairs. To TessaBoo <3: love too :) pick me up at 7 :). i gave him m the address and heard banging at my door. after about an hour the banging finally stoped . im not sure if they just got bored or that it was 2 int the morning. i got up to look and when i opened the door i saw them just sitting their quietly looking up at me waiting for an answer. i tolled them everything and they just awed the whole time with huge smiles.

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