These are some of the poems I've written. They're for the poetry competition. I hope you guys like them (:


1. Short poems



A bruised stomach

A bleeding wrist 

A silver metal making slits

Blood pours

Showing the pain

That I've felt to this day 


Understands me no one

Different I've become

Standing in a corner alone

Listening to all the hate thats being shown 

Their words suffucating my brain 

Making me ache


In the darkness I rest

Leave my mind to peace

The scars fade

But I still bleed


I'm an artist 

But there's a difference

The cnavas, my body

The paintbrush, a razor

The carving my art

The blood, my pride


The cnavas my body

The paintbrush a razor

I drew in picures

And bled in anger


Through my skin

To my hands

The blood spilled 

Making a mess

Marking my body

For days to come


My feeling flow like a river

Words 'll later regret stream out of my mouth

I shiver

Things get thrown

Feeling are hurt

Im feeling so alone

Once by my side

Now the enimie

Across the battlefield 

Aming for me

You got the gun in your hands

Ready to shoot

But tell me doll

What have I ever done to ya 



What is love?

It's the thing that makes you 

Or breaks you

It gives some poeple hope

While rips others apart

It's all someone wants when their wold is falling apart

To hold on tight and new let go

Its something bitter

Its something sweet

It's what the world runs on

So you see this one feeling 

Has a lot of power

For it's wanted by many

But only found by some


They say love is amazing

So why am I crying?

It's supposed to hold you together

But its ripping me apart

You're supposed to feel on top of the world

But I'm feeling so low

It's supposed to give you hope to go on

But its another reason for me to stop

Love doesn't make sense to me 


Dancing in the wind 

Changing colors time to time

Falling from the sky

That's what leaves do

To pass their  time


As I sit here in this corner

Thoughts running through my mind

Looking over my shoulder time to time

Their cruel words stuck in my brain

Making me believe them once again

I'm useless and I'm told it 

They make sure I know it

Laughing in my face as they say it

Making me believe it 




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