The Real Fantasy

Kitty has always dreamed of her fantasies coming true . . .


4. Intruder

Jaden’s standing across the road from me. I catch his eye and smile at him. He smiles back.

He starts to walk towards me. He’s ten steps away from me . . . now five . . . four . . . three . . . he keeps coming nearer until he’s close enough to touch me. His smile widens so now he’s showing off his perfectly aligned, shiny white teeth. I just can’t get enough of him and his tanned skin and his big brown eyes.

Jaden leans his head towards me, wrapping his arms around my neck. I get excited tingles up my spine.

‘I really like you, Kitty,’ he says.

‘I really like you too, Jaden.’ My voice hardly comes out as a whisper.

He comes even closer to me and before I know it his lips are resting on mine. Oh, my gosh – I think he’s going to kiss me!

I’m in my bed in my room. I feel dazed for a minute. How the hell did I get here? I’m pretty sure that I was with Jaden just a few seconds ago and he was about to-

Then the harsh reality kicks in. It was only a dream! It wasn’t real!

It was a nice dream though, I think sadly, I want to go back into it. I then begin to wonder what had woken me. I’m not usually the sort of person to wake up in the middle of the night for no reason.

As I start to regain consciousness, I become more aware of what’s going on around me. I can see the dim orange glow from the streetlamps penetrating through the gap in the curtains. I can hear cars zooming across the road, beeping their horns angrily. I can hear shallow breathing from in front of me and I can see a big human shaped shadow on the end of my bed. It's not tall enough to be Dad, so that must mean that someone's snuck into our house and crept into my room. What are they going to do? Kidnap me? I open my mouth to scream, but the figure suddenly pounces on top of me and clamps a hand over my mouth.

‘Shush. This is going to be awkward enough without you waking up the whole street.’ The voice is unfamiliar, but definitely a boy’s. It’s fairly low, like his voice has just broken.

My heart is beating like it’s an Olympic sport and it has just entered the final. I can’t see the intruder as his face is hidden in the shadows and that fact just makes him scarier.

Slowly, he takes his hand away from my mouth. I catch a glimpse of a malicious smile in the half-light from outside.

‘Are you scared, Kitty?’ he smirks. He doesn’t pronounce a single ‘T’ in my name. ‘Don’t worry; I haven’t come here to hurt you.’

‘Who – what – how – why?’ I splutter. I can’t get the words out fast enough.

‘Shh.’ He places a finger on my lips. ‘Three questions, Kitty, that’s it. Then it’s my turn.’

How do you know my name?’ My voice is shaking. Actually, I think my whole body is shaking.

‘Who doesn’t?’ he sighs, staring up at the ceiling.

I remember Jaden’s words from yesterday: Everyone knows your name . . . you never shut up.

‘Who are you?’ I demand.

‘Nolan Etanu, Junior Observer of the Kingdom’s Court,’ he says mechanically.

I have no idea what that’s supposed to mean. I think about asking him, but decide to move on to my most pressing question.

‘What are you doing in my bedroom at’ – I glance at my alarm clock – ‘two thirty in the morning?’

‘Seeing if the rumours are true.’

‘What rumours?’

‘That’s your three questions – my turn now.’

I growl in frustration at him. He just grins at me malevolently.

‘Now then, are you Kitty Jessica Lewis, daughter of Martin Kenneth Lewis and Jessica Catherine Sophie Lewis?’ he says annoyingly calmly as he makes himself more comfortable on my bed.

‘Yes.’ It scares me how he knows all that when I’m pretty sure that I’ve never met him before.

‘Are you thirteen years old?’


‘You live with only your father as your mother died when you where seven?’

‘How do you know all this about me?’ I snap.

‘You had your three questions, remember?’

‘So’ve you. It’s my turn now.’

‘I never specified how many question I got to ask.’ He smiles that evil smile again.

I try to slap him in anger, but miss completely. He smirks.

‘You’re infuriating!’ I yell. ‘Now get out my room or I’ll call the police! Da-‘

A look of panic sweeps over his face and he presses his hand over my mouth again. When he realises that I can’t make a sound, he smiles. ‘Calling for Daddy, are you? Tut, tut, not very brave. Now, back to what I was saying. Have you noticed anything odd about yourself recently? Nod? Shake?’

I give him a ‘What the Hell are You On About?’ look, while trying to prise his fingers of my mouth.

‘Apparently not,’ he says. ‘Right, well, if you’ll forgive me . . .’

Keeping a firm grip over my mouth, he pushes me forward and looks at my back. ‘Thought so,’ he mutters, ignoring my struggling. He fingers creep down my back and start to push my pyjama top down. My teeth sink into his palm, making him yelp in pain and yank his hand away from me.

‘What are you doing, you perv?’ I scream at him.

‘What’s a ‘perv’ supposed to be?’ he says angrily. ‘That hurt, you know, and it was completely unnecessary.’

‘How many other girls have you been stalking?’ I shout. ‘How many other girls’ houses have you snuck into?’

‘I think this is probably the right time to go,’ he mumbles to himself.

And then he disappears.

Just like that.

I can’t understand it. I didn’t see him move at all. One second he was sitting on my bed, the next he had vanished.

‘Come back here, you little freak!’ I’m beside myself with anger and confusion. ‘Come back here now! I haven’t finished with you!’

I hear someone pounding up the stairs. Is he coming back? The door bursts open but it’s not the intruder, it’s Dad. He rushes over to me.

‘Are you alright, Kitty?’ he asks anxiously. ‘What were you shouting about?’

I think about telling him the truth for a second, then realise that admitting to seeing a mysterious disappearing boy who just happens to know everything about me isn’t a good idea.

‘Oh, I, um – I had a bad dream,’ I make up wildly. ‘I woke myself up actually. Kind of funny really.’ I force a laugh.

He doesn’t look convinced. ‘You sounded quite scared, though. Are you sure you’re alright?’

‘Yes, Dad, I’m fine. Go back to sleep. Everything’s OK.’

I smile reassuringly at him and he smiles weakly back. He asks if I’m alright again, then trudges slowly back to his room.

I stare at the ceiling for a while. There’s no way that I’ll go back to sleep any time soon. I can’t stop thinking about that boy and the way he was looking at my back.

I get out of bed and walk over to my desk, switching on the desk lamp and waiting for my eyes to adjust to the sudden light. I look around nervously for a few seconds (do I really want to do this?), before pulling my top over my head. Then I turn around so my back is facing my mirror and look over my shoulder at my reflection.

I gasp.

Between each of my shoulder blades and stretching down to the small of my back are thin brown marks, which form the shape of a butterfly. It’s perfectly symmetrical with tiny little details in each wing, swirling around in circles and loops. But I’m not interested in what it looks like or how beautiful it is, I’m more concerned about how I have managed to develop a huge butterfly on my back without noticing.

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