I would never have guessed...

As Jenna gets used to her new school, she realizes that something is definitely amiss...

Nothing at all to do with 1D btw.


3. What can it be?


As we walked further into the school yard, Daniel pointed out to me a tall man that seemed about 30 and looked like he was really annoyed about something.

“He’s going to be our science teacher Jeanne,” he explained cheerfully, “everyone says he is really nice.”

I rolled my eyes. I was about to tell him how probable his being ‘nice’ was compared to the angered look on the teacher’s face when the noxious smell  hit me. I reeled back and cursed my superior senses – if I were human I wouldn’t be able to smell the foreign spears that were currently attacking my nose. My amulet suddenly seared with scorching heat – a sign of danger.My amulet had once belonged to One of my adoptive mother's friends - a witch.

Daniel looked worried; he had obviously noticed something was up and I somehow managed to choke out one word – “bathroom,” as I plastered what I hope was a reassuring smile to my pale face and fled.

I knew that this was not the first – and definitely not the last- time that I would have to lie to my best friend to keep my vampiric nature a secret.

I sped into the nearest classroom, my amulet finally cooling down and the fumes seeping back to wherever they had come from, and contemplated what it could have been .It was something supernatural, definitely. It – or rather they - were probably dangerous too.

I thought of what had happened, re-tracing my footsteps in my head. That was when I realised – it must have been the angry-looking science teacher!

That was the only thing that made sense. But what was he? I ran through the possibilities. Vampire? No he was too dark- skinned. Charm caster? No, they had no give- away smell. Evil spirit? Yes, I could see that possibility. Maybe he came home one night to find an angry spirit in his flat and got possessed- or maybe he was just hanging around dead bodies too much- I really didn’t care. All that mattered to me was the one thought in my head; my first real find! I was a brilliant checker!

I must tell the council right away what I had found! I would be praised beyond belief!

I was about to run to my parents to contact the council when a thought crossed through my mind – If I found out for definite what he was and made sure it was really my tall science teacher, or even better forced the spirit out of him and captured it – I would be remembered forever as a hero to our people.

As I walked to the main office to pick up my new timetable I texted Daniel on the new phone I’d got as a present for the new school.

Picking up my new timetable. See u @ lunch

or in any classes that we have in common before

then.Sorry for running off; I felt a bit ill. Must just

 b the nerves of starting a new school.




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