I would never have guessed...

As Jenna gets used to her new school, she realizes that something is definitely amiss...

Nothing at all to do with 1D btw.


1. Nightmares



I felt like I was in a furnace. 

No, a lit furnace .With a bunch of angry dragons flying around it. I was sweating so much that it could fill a thousand bottles and still have enough to fill several swimming pools. My hair was plastered to my glistening forehead as I ran away from the danger.

Or rather, tried. Her scent seemed to be coming from everywhere, as if every corridor I turned into had her lying in wait for me at the end. Her laugh weakened my will like a battering ram against closed doors. 

I could smell my own fear rolling off me in almost visible waves as I saw another wall at the end of my path. I had to make a decision fast - left or right? I didn't even have time to flip my lucky coin. I darted to my left and instantly regretted it as I saw another wall - another dead end - looming in front of me.

I could taste  her deadly presence in the air as I slowly turned to meet my fate. Even with my heightened vampire vision, her malicious grin and her hands curled around a set of malaika were all that I could see. The small wooden fighting swords that were the malaika could inflict severe pain on vampire or mortal - she'd learned that from me.

That last thought jerked me awake as it had all of the other times my mind had been attacked with the reoccurring nightmare of what would have happened if Grace had ever found me again. Light streamed in through the windows and I braved a glance at the Midnight Carousel (my favourite band!) alarm clock on my dresser.

8 o'clock - I'd slept through my alarm.

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