I would never have guessed...

As Jenna gets used to her new school, she realizes that something is definitely amiss...

Nothing at all to do with 1D btw.


2. New country, new school, same old rules



I walked to school with my hair in a loose bun and my shades on. It was seventy-five degrees in Palm Springs, California, the sky a perfect, cloudless blue. I was wearing my thinnest shirt and hoping that I wouldn’t die in the sweltering heat. I was wearing my amulet around my neck – a good luck charm can go a long way in a new school. Especially if you are the seeker – which, my family feeling obliged to sign me up, I was


Every school had to have at least one seeker, it was vampire law, for the sole purpose of seeking out any unregistered supernaturals. I was thinking of how unfair this was as I loped through the school gates and a friendly face bounded up to me."Hi Jeanne!,"he beamed In welcome. My best friend Daniel could always be counted on to pick me up when I felt six feet under, and today was no exception.


I felt the corners of my mouth lift on my pale, marble-like face in a silent reply and I forgot about all of my worries. If you are moving to a new school, always bring your best friend. I thought to myself. When I had told him my adoptive family and I were moving to America from the ever- rainy town of Middlesbrough, he didn't hesitate to demand that his family moved too. As always, Daniel’s cheery face was framed by almost black curls, fitting in with his perfectly tanned skin. His big, brown eyes glowed with his inner light, as if his soul had no dark corners. Thinking back, it probably hadn't as I had never seen him look anything but ecstatic.Except, I thought with a pang, when Grace went 'missing'. Everyone had swallowed the story that she ran away, but I knew better.


Daniel had been my best friend since we met at preschool. If I remember correctly, we became friends when our teacher was torturing us and he threw a book at him - what sort of teacher would give kids that young a spelling test with the words ‘recommend’ and ‘separate’ on it? He was moved next to me - and Grace - as punishment and we soon we had all become great friends.

Our friendship was like black liquorice with strawberry jelly- we were complete opposites that went great together.


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